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Note: HRD no longer produces real time H*WIND analyses. This technology was transferred to a US private sector firm as allowed under the Technology Transfer Act of 1986 (15 US Code 3710). The images and data sets available on this site are legacy analyses and will not be redone.

The Hurricane Research Division produced surface wind analysis of tropical cyclones from 1993 - 2013 as part of the H*Wind Project. HRD's wind analyses were created by compiling all available observations and centering them relative to the storm's center. This product was designed to improve the understanding of the extent and strength of the wind field, and to improve the assessment of hurricane intensity. The H*Wind "snapshot" products are provided in image and gridded form for research purposes and have been especially useful for storm surge and wave forecasting applications. The swath map is available in image and gridded form as well as GIS shape files. The swath maps are helpful for damage and loss assessment.

Click on a year listed below and select from that year's list of storms. You will see analyses that have been produced. For each analysis time you can select the wind analysis itself, the data set on which is was based, or, the gridded field of that analysis.

Note on using H*Wind fields for storm surge and wave modeling...

Scientific publications using H*Wind products should cite one or more of these papers :

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