Completed! 2023 Hurricane Season Deployments (Missions 50 through 58)

Glider ID Status Region Deployment Profiles Days Last Comm. (UTC)
SG630 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-08-26
SG635 Recovered Gulf of Mexico 2023-08-28
SG664 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-19
SG665 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-11
SG665 Recovered North Atlantic 2023-09-07
SG666 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-11
SG668 Recovered North Atlantic 2023-08-02
SG683 Recovered North Atlantic 2023-07-13
SG684 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-11

Latest Observations

This webpage provides near-real-time location of the gliders and plots with the latest temperature and salinity observations.

Latest underwater glider observations

You may select from the tabs below the ID of the underwater glider to visualize the latest observations

SG630 SG635 SG664 SG665 SG666 SG668 SG683 SG684



The black line on the temperature and salinity sections shows the 26°C isotherm and the 35 isohaline, respectively