Data Access

There are two types of data available on this web page: in situ transport estimates from the calibration cruises, and transport estimates from the calibrated cable voltages. The in situ section data represents transports integrated either from dropsonde or lowered acoustic doppler profiler (LADCP) data. Dropsonde or LADCP data are collected at nine sites across the Florida Straits at roughly the same location as the submarine cable. (Note some cruises during the early 1990s used only eight sites.) Sections have been taken from the early days of the project in the 1970s until the present, and in the future up to 12-14 cruises per year will be done along this line.

The transport data from the cruises during 1991 to the present have all been collected and reprocessed using a consistent methodology; these data are available as an ASCII FILE, where the columns are Year, Month, Day, Hour, Transport, and observation type, while the rows each represent one cruise. The dropsonde or LADCP data has been corrected for barotropic tide using the tidal constituents derived by Mayer et al. (1984).

The daily mean transport estimates from the submarine cable voltage and in situ transport estimates from the calibration cruises in the last 365 days is shown in the figure.

Transport data from the submarine cable is also available from this site. The cable measurements have been corrected for geomagnetic variations and the tidal signal has been removed.

The daily mean transport estimates from the submarine cable voltage from year 2000 until the present is shown in the figure. Updates to the time series are provided daily in an automated manner.

3) Daily Mean Transport Data from year 2000 until the present:

The daily mean transport values are available as ASCII tables for each year. Each file has one year of daily transport estimates, the units are Sverdrups (1 Sv=106 m3s-1). The daily mean transport values are averaged around noon GMT. Missing data, which can occur for a variety of reasons, are denoted by "NaN".

Daily Mean Transport Data

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The historical data, from 1982 until 1998, when the project was led by Dr. Jimmy Larsen is available here.

How to acknowledge data from the Florida Current Project:

Data from the Florida Current cable and sections are made freely available to the public. The project scientists would appreciate it if you added the following acknowledgment to any publications that use this data;

"The Florida Current cable and section data are made freely available on the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory web page ( and are funded by the DOC-NOAA Climate Program Office - Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division."

The project scientists would also appreciate it if you informed us of any publications or presentations that you prepare using this data. Continued funding of this project depends on us being able to justify to NOAA (and hence the US Congress) the usefulness of this data.