The GDP Drifter Data Assembly Center (DAC)

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The primary goal of the DAC is to assemble and provide uniform quality control of sea surface temperature (SST) and surface velocity measurements. These measurements are obtained as part of an international program designed to make these data available in an effort to improve climate prediction. Climate prediction models require accurate estimates of SST to initialize their ocean component. Drifting buoys provide essential ground truth SST data for this purpose. The models also require validation by comparison with independent data sets. Surface velocity measurements are used for this validation.

For detailed information on drifter data formats, acquiring, processing, archiving and distribution of the data, as well as information on how to deploy drifters, download the drifter training CD here [PDF]

Visit the links below for more information about quality control and interpolation procedures.

  • Processing procedures, QC and interpolations, peer reviewed open literature, by Hansen, D.V. and P.-Marie Poulain, 1996. [PDF]
  • Drifter Quality Control Procedures Presentation [PDF]

  • Other presentations, posters and links

    • Drifter Deaths, aground probabilities of all buoys
    • 2010 AOML Data Buoy Comparison Study (ADB10), present status
    • Evaluation of Argos-3 drifters deployed in 2009,
      presented by Mayra Pazos at DBCP-26, Oban, Scotland, Septeber 27-30, 2010. [PDF]
    • Drogue and Transmitter Lifetime Evaluation and 2010 AOML Data Buoy Comparison Study (ADB10),
      presented by Erik Valdes at DBCP-26, Oban, Scotland, Septeber 27-30, 2010. [PDF]
    • Global Drifter Program Report,
      presented by Rick Lumpkin at DBCP-26, Oban, Scotland, Septeber 27-30, 2010. [PDF]
    • 2008 ADB and Drogue comparison study (ADB08),
      presented at DBCP-25, Paris, France, September 28 - October 1, 2009. [PDF] [PPT]
    • 2008 ADB and Strain-Gauge comparison study (ADB08),
      presented at DBCP-24, South Africa, October 13-16, 2008. [PDF] [PPT]
    • Results after 1 year of the 2006 Atlantic Data Buoy study (ADB06),
      presented at the DBCP-23, Korea, October 15-19, 2007. [PDF]
    • Drifter Training CD (How to deploy and acquire drifter data). [PDF]
    • Drifter Operations Center/Data Assembly Center, Objectives and Activities poster. [PDF]
    • Results of the 2006 Atlantic Data Buoy study (ADB06). [PDF]
    • 2006 Global Drifter Program report. [PDF]
    • Drifter Observations of Hurricane Rita. [PDF]
    • Re-evaluation of the drogue status. [PDF]
    • Atlantic Data Buoys Comparison Study, presented at DBCP-21, Argentina, 2005. [PDF]
    • Lifetime Statistics of Most Recent Drifter Deployments (2000-2003), presented at DBCP-20, India, 2004. [PDF]
    • Who is using drifter data, poster. [PDF]
    • Drifter bibliography
    • Drifter-related links

The Drifter Data Assembly Center is managed by Mayra Pazos.