As of: June 04, 2024

Data from Global Drifter Program (GDP) buoys, as well as products derived from GDP buoys, is available in various formats via the AOML GDP ERDDAP™.

For instructions on how to navigate the ERDDAP™ server, establish machine to machine (m2m) requests, and customize your data request, visit 6-Hour Interpolated Data Request Instructions. For additional resources and step-by-step guidance, visit the AOML GDP ERDDAP™ Tutorial on

With the growing importance for strong data management principles, Samantha Ouertani's 'An Overview of the Global Drifter Program's ERDDAP™ Server: From Set-up to Metrics' seminar detailing the benefits of the Global Drifter Program's ERDDAP™ server is available on . For those interested in establishing an ERDDAP™ server, reference the presentation for great insight, links, and additional resources!

GDP monthly metrics report is also available in .pdf format here.

ERDDAP™ Dashboard

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GDP Dashboard Metrics

Number of Drifters:
(since 1979)

27,916 drifters

Buoy Years of GDP Data:
(since 1979)

32,522.2 years

Buoy Years - Drogue On:
(since 1979)

21,251.6 years

GDP Array Evolution:

Global Drifter Coverage:

Deployments by Drifter Type:
(since 1979)

Standard Drifter - 17,149
with Barometer - 12,177
with Wind - 590
with Wave - 383
with Salinity - 279
with Optics - 11

GDP Collaborators:
(Deployments by Country)
(since 1987 - where known)

Total Drifter Deployments:
(since 1979)
(Including FODs, re-deployments, transmitted
but failed (i.e., <3days of data), etc.)


Failed on Deployment (FOD):
(since 1979)


Failed on Deployment %: