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Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tropical Cyclones Reviewed Articles and Books - 1994

Compiled by Noel Charles and Chris Landsea (NHC)

This is a compilation both of all reviewed research papers and books (or chapters of books) on tropical cyclones that were published in 1994 as received at the CSU Atmospheric Science library.

If there are any additions or corrections, please email me directly.

All Available Journals - 1994

Acta Meteorologica Sinica

  • "A global view of the relationship between ENSO and tropical cyclone frequency", D. Keqin and G.J. Holland, 19-29
  • "Effect of energy dispersion on the structure and motion of tropical cyclone", L. Zhexian, 51-59
  • "Numerical simulation of tropical cyclone movement with the related critical point phenomenon", L. Zhexian, 161-167
  • "Kinematic analysis of Typhoon Polly (No. 9216)", H. Wei and T. Zuyu, 450-461

Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

  • "Vertical structure of beta gyres and its effect on tropical cyclone motion", T. Yongxiang and L. Zhexian, 43-50
  • "Study of effects of beta term and nonlinear advection on the structure of tropical cyclones", L. Zhexian, 391-398
  • "Seasonal variation features of Western North Pacific tropical cyclone tracks with their predictability", P. Yongqing and Y. Shaojin, 463-469


  • None


  • None

Australian Meteorological Magazine

  • "The South Pacific and southeast Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season 1991-92", J.P. Gill, 181-192

Boundary Layer Meteorology

  • None

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

  • "Damage survey of Hurricane Andrew and its relationship to the eyewall", R.M. Wakimoto and P.G. Black, 189-202
  • "Historical developments leading to current forecast models of annual Atlantic hurricane activity", J.C. Hess and J.B. Elsner, 1611-1622
  • "Real-time guidance provided by NOAA's Hurricane Research Division to forecasters during Emily of 1993", R.W. Burpee, S.D. Aberson, P.G. Black, M. DeMaria, J.L. Franklin, J.S. Griffin, S.H. Houston, J. Kaplan, S.J. Lord, F.D. Marks, Jr., M.D. Powell, and H.E. Willoughby, 1765-1783
  • "Global climate change and tropical cyclones", J. Lighthill, G. Holland, W. Gray, C. Landsea, G. Craig, J. Evans, Y. Kurihara, C. Guard, 2147-2157

Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

  • "Effect of smaller vortices in the peripheral region on typhoon structure", L. Zhexian, 299-306

Climate Dynamics


Climatic Change


Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean


Earth Obs. Rem. Sens.

  • Astafyeva, N.M., Pokrovskaya, I.V. and Sharkov, E.A., 1994: Hierachical structure of global tropical cyclogenesis. Earth Research from Space (Earth Obs. Rem. Sens.- Engl. Transl.), 2, 14-23
  • Pokrovskaya, I.V. and Sharkov, E.A., 1994: Poisson stochastic features of global tropical cyclogenesis. Earth Research from Space. (Earth Obs. Rem. Sens. -Engl. Transl.), 2, 24-33.
Geophysical Research Letters

  • "Extended-range hindcasts of tropical-origin Atlantic hurricane activity", J.C. Hess and J.B. Elsner, 365-368

International Journal of Climatology

  • "Prediction of the interannual variations of tropical cyclone movement over regions of the Western North Pacific", J.C.L. Chan, 527-538

Izvestiya (through #6, 1994)


Journal of Applied Meteorology

  • "A satellite observational and numerical study of precipitation characteristics in Western North Atlantic tropical cyclones", E.B. Rogers, S.W. Chang, and H.F. Pierce, 129-139
  • "The environmental influence on tropical cyclone precipitation", E.B. Rogers, J.J. Baik, and H.F. Pierce, 573-593

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

  • "A technique for detecting a tropical cyclone center using a doppler radar", V.T. Wood, 1207-1216

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

  • "Barotropic dynamics of the beta gyres and beta drift", X. Li and B. Wang, 746-756
  • "Intense vortex motion on the beta plane: Development of the beta gyres", G.G. Sutyrin and G.R. Flierl, 773-790
  • "Numerical studies of the beta effect in tropical cyclone motion. Part II: Zonal mean flow effects", R.T. Williams and J.C.L. Chan, 1065-1076
  • "On hurricane outflow structure", C. Wu and K.A. Emmanuel, 1995-2003
  • "The role of baroclinic processes in tropical cyclone motion: The influence of vertical tilt", M. Flatau, W.H. Schubert, and D.E. Stevens, 2589-2601
  • "Comments on 'Hurricane Spiral Bands'", L.R. Schade, 3543-3544
  • "Reply", T.A. Guinn and W.H. Schubert, 3545-3546

Journal of Climate

  • "Interannual variability of the onset of the Indian summer monsoon and its association with atmospheric features, El Nino, and sea surface temperature anomalies", P.V. Joseph, J.K. Eischeid, and R.J. Pyle, 81-105
  • "A numerical exploration of the sensitivity of tropical cyclone rainfall intensity to sea surface temperature", J.L. Evans, B.F. Ryan, and J.L. McGregor, 616-623
  • "Sea surface temperature and the maximum intensity of Atlantic tropical cyclones", M. DeMaria and J. Kaplan, 1324-1334

Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres)

  • "Cluster analysis of eastern North Pacific tropical cyclogenesis precursors", J.B. Mozer and J.A. Zehnder, 8085-8094
  • "Cloud-to-ground lightning in Hurricane Andrew", J. Molinari, P.K. Moore, V.P. Idone, R.W. Henderson, and A.B. Saljoughy, 16665-16676

Journal of Parallel Algorithms and Applications

  • "An experiment in hurricane track prediction using parallel computing methods", C. Song, J-S. Jwo, S. Lakshmivarahan, S. Dhall, J. Lewis, and C. Velden, 315-332

Journal of Physical Oceanography

  • "A storm surge prediction model for the Northern Bay of Bengal with application to the cyclone disaster in April 1991", R.A. Flather, 172-190
  • "Forced stage response to a moving hurricane", J.F. Price, T.B. Sanford, and G.Z. Forristall, 233-260

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan

  • "The relationship between tropical cyclones of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Madden-Julian Oscillation", B. Liebmann, H.H. Hendon, and J.D. Glick, 401-412

Mariners Weather Log

  • "Western North Pacific typhoons, 1992", Staff - Joint Typhoon Warning Center, 34-40

Mausam (through April 1994)

  • "Climatological study of the cyclonic storms crossing the east coast of India", G.S. Ganesan, A. Muthuchami, and E. R. Sukumar, 7-16
  • "Perturbations in upper tropospheric easterlies and Bay cyclones", G.R. Gupta and R. Chand, 115-120

Meteorological Applications

  • "Forecasting the movement of tropical cyclones at the Met. Office", A.M. Radford, 355-363

Meteorological Magazine


Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics


Monthly Weather Review

  • "Tropical storm development and decay: Sensitivity to surface boundary conditions", R.E. Tuleya, 291-304
  • "Atlantic hurricane season of 1992", M. Mayfield, L.A. Avila, and E.N. Rappaport, 517-538
  • "Atlantic tropical systems of 1992", R.J. Pasch and L.A. Avila, 539-548
  • "Eastern North Pacific hurricane season of 1992", M.B. Lawrence and E.N. Rappaport, 549-558
  • "An exploratory analysis of the relationship between tropical storm formation in the Western North Pacific and ENSO", M.A. Lander, 636-651
  • "The formation of hurricane Frederic of 1979", T.N. Krishnamurti, H.S. Bedi, D. Oosterhof, and V. Hardiker, 1050-1074
  • "Evaluation of a tropical cyclone bogusing method in data assimilation and forecasting", E. Serrano and P. Unden, 1523-1547
  • "The SSM/I estimated rainfall amounts of tropical cyclones and their potential in predicting the cyclone intensity changes", G.V. Rao and P.D. MacArthur, 1568-1574
  • "Cloud-to-ground lightning in tropical cyclones: A study of hurricanes Hugo (1989) and Jerry (1989)", C.E. Samsury and R.E. Orville, 1887-1896
  • "Observations of lightning in convective supercells within tropical storms and hurricanes", W.A. Lyons and C.S. Keen, 1897-1896
  • "Unusually strong vertical motions in a Caribbean hurricane", R.A. Black, H.B. Bluestein, and M.L. Black, 2722-2739
  • "Verification of a nested barotropic hurricane track forecast model (VICBAR)", S.D. Aberson and M. DeMaria, 2804-2815

Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

  • "An idealized study of African easterly waves. I: A linear view", C.D. Thorncroft and B.J. Hoskins, 953-982
  • "An idealized study of African easterly waves. II: A nonlinear view", C.D. Thorncroft and B.J. Hoskins, 983-1016
  • "The development of potential vorticity in a hurricane-like vortex", J.D. Moller and R.K. Smith, 1255-1266

Russian Meteorology and Hydrology

  • "Annual variability of global tropical cyclogenesis", I.V. Pokrovskaya and E.A. Sharkov, 4, 14-20
  • "Estimation of the possibility of tropical cyclogenesis from instability energy", S.L. Lebedev and L.I. Petrova, 5, 44-49
  • "Results of operational tests and modification of dynamic-statistical method for typhoon intensity forecast", E. A. Agrenich, 5, 50-54
  • "The influence of the structure of interacting vortices on their movement", A.E. Pokhil and I.V. Polyakova, 7, 11-16
  • "Some statistical characteristics and features of typhoons", A.N. Bagrov and E.A. Loktionova, 11, 44-57
Sov. J. Remote Sensing
  • Klepikov, I.N., Pokrovskaya, I.V. and Sharkov, E.A., 1994: Structure of a database of space and hydrometeorological observations of mesoscale tropical disturbances. Sov.J.Remote Sensing, 11, 468-479.
  • Pokrovskaya, I.V., Sharkov, E.A., Klepikov, I.N., and Karaseva, I.A., 1994: Structure of data base for global tropical cyclogenesis remote sensing. Sov. J. Remote Sensing., 11, 981-989.

Tellus, Series A


Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

  • "Numerical prediction of a Bangladesh tropical cyclone", T.N. Krishnamurti, D. Oosterhof, and D. Sukawat, 245-276
  • "Orographic effects on the structure of typhoons: Analyses of two typhoons crossing Taiwan", C. Tsay, 313-334

Theoretical and Applied Climatology



  • "Hurricane Andrew", E.N. Rappaport, 51-60
  • "The Great Bengal cyclone of 1737 - an enquiry into the legend", A.K. Sensarma, 90-93
  • "Seasonal forecasting of Atlantic hurricane activity", C.W. Landsea, W.M. Gray, P.W. Mielke, Jr., and K.J. Berry, 273-284

Weather and Forecasting

  • "Predicting Atlantic basin seasonal tropical cyclone activity by 1 June," W.M. Gray, C.W. Landsea, P.W. Mielke, Jr., and K.J. Berry, 103-115
  • "A statistical hurricane intensity prediction scheme (SHIPS) for the Atlantic basin", M. DeMaria and J. Kaplan, 209-220
  • "Wind profiler observations of tropical storm Flo at Saipan", P.T. May, G.J. Holland, and W.L. Ecklund, 410-426
  • "Observed and modeled wind and water-level response from tropical storm Marco (1990)", S.H. Houston and M.D. Powell, 427-439 "The impact of hurricane Andrew on the near-surface marine environment in the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico", L.C. Breaker, L.D. Burroughs, Y.Y. Chao, J.F. Culp, N.L. Guinasso, Jr., R.L. Teboulle, and C.R. Wong, 542-556
  • "Assimilation of synthetic tropical cyclone observations into the Navy operations global atmospheric prediction system", J.S. Goerss and R.A. Jeffries, 557-576
  • "The capture of tropical cyclones by cold fronts off the west coast of Australia", G.R. Foley and B.N. Hanstrum, 577-592
  • "Description of a monsoon gyre and its effects on the tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific during August 1991", M.A. Lander, 640-654


  • "Atlantic hurricanes", E.N. Rappaport and R.J. Pasch, 38-43 (AM issue)
  • "Eastern Pacific hurricanes", L.A. Avila and M. Mayfield, 44-47 (AM)
  • "Inside the hurricane center", D. Iacovelli, 28-32 (JJ)
Cosmic Research
(Kosmicheskie Issled)
  • Gdalevich, G.L., Pokrovskaya, I.V. and Sharkov, E.A., 1994: Magnitospheric processes as stimulators of global tropical cyclogenesis Cosmic Research - Engl. Transl., 32, 108-111.
Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section (Doklady Acad. Nauk.)
  • Astafyeva, N.M., Pokrovskaya, I.V. and Sharkov, E.A., 1994: Scaling properties of global tropical cyclogenesis Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 337, 517-520

1994 Books
  • "Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, 1871-1993, An Historical Survey", F. Doehring, I.W. Duedall, and J.M. Williams, 1994, Tp-71, Florida Sea Grant College Program, Gainesville, Florida, USA, 118 pp
  • "Cyclone Tracy, Picking up the pieces", B. Bunbury, 1994, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, South Fremantle, Australia, 148 pp
  • "Hurricanes of 1992", Proceedings of a Symposium organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Miami, December 1-3, 1993, Edited by R.A. Cook and M. Soltani, ASCE, New York, 808 pp
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