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AMS E- Journals
American Meteorological Society E-Journals.

Catalog - NOAALinc catalog contains the holdings of the local collection and the collections of 30 addtional NOAA libraries across the country.

E- Journals - a live link list for all journal titles available online.

E- Databases - for NOAA South and North-East Labs includes: Current Content Connect, JSTOR, Web of Knowledge and more.

New Books
this is a list of the most recently cataloged items now accessible via NOAAlinc and added to the OCLC worldwide database.

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- title list of all print journal holdings. Reference - Reference questions may be submitted anytime via email
Other Resources
 2016 Extreme Weather Emergency Contact Sheets for Florida:
NorthwestCentral  , East-Central, North-Central, West-Central,
South, SouthwestOther states

GIS & Google Training Tools Open Source Journals & Research Publications - atmospheric publications by NHC, AOML staff and others Scholarships for Meteorology - National Weather Association.
Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale

National Hurricane Center Resources
NOAA Technical Memorandums - NWS NHC no.1- 47, TPC no.1-5, and NHC no.6
NWS - Annual Hurricane Summaries 1872-2008

Climate Change and Potential Hurricane Impact

-  El Niņo and LaNiņa – Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

25 Years After...Hurricane Andrew : A        bibliography and video interview Video   Transcript

- Social Response to Disasters & Communicating Weather Risks
- Tornadoes
  - Joanne Simpson - Atmospheric Science Pioneer
Congress.Gov - official  website for U.S. federal legislative information. 
Offers easy to use interface to search for committees, hearings, reports, congressional records, legislation, memebers and nominations.

Gulf Stream Analysis Data - Gulf Stream Loop Current location archival data 1976-1996.  Offers location of Gulf Stream from Yucatan Channel to the offing of Nova Scotia and was derived from GOES Satellite imagery.  and Databases -
Lexis Advance offers an updated easy to use interface to locate congressional, news or journal information.  Nexis focuses on news
and journal research.

Reconnaissance Summaries -  annual mission summaries, aircraft operations and history links.

Science Presentations -  recorded WebEx presentations/audio given at NHC.  (Temorarily off line 6.26.17)

NOAA Brown Bag series - science presentations given by  NOAA and other agencies.

U.S. Daily Weather Maps
 Storm Surge Unit at NHC

NOAA Historical Climatology series 6-2 Tropical Cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean, 1851-2006 
National Hurricane Research Project Reports - 1956 to 1962
Annual Hurricane Summaries of North Atlantic Storms, 1872-2013

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