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AMS E- Journals
-  American Meteorological Society E-Journals.

Catalog - NOAALinc catalog contains the holdings of the local collection and the collections of 30 addtional NOAA libraries across the country.

E- Journals - a live link list for all journal titles available online.

E- Databases - for NOAA South and North-East Labs includes: Current Content Connect, JSTOR, Web of Knowledge and more.

NOAA Libraries - Institutional Repository (IR) is a digital library of scientific literature produced and/or funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

NHC Print Journals - title list of all print journal holdings.

Reference - Reference questions may be submitted anytime via email
Other Resources
Hurricane Preparation 2018 - Miami Weather Forecast Office

Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale

Open Source Journals & Research

Writing a Federal Resume

Resume Resources

Making Documents 508 Compliant

508 Checklist for Institutional Repository Submissions

Windows 508 Best Practice Chart

Data Citation Quick Reference

Scholarships for Meteorology - National Weather Association.

         Library RESOURCES

 - Climate Change and Potential Hurricane Impact

  El Niño and La Niña – Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

  - Hurricane Andrew - 25 Years After   Video  Transcript


 Social Response to Disasters & Communicating Weather Risks
 -  Tornadoes

  - Joanne Simpson - Atmospheric Science Pioneer

ongress.Gov - official  website for U.S. federal legislative information. 
Offers easy to use interface to search for committees, hearings, reports, congressional records, legislation, memebers and nominations.

Gulf Stream Analysis Data - Gulf Stream Loop Current location archival data 1976-1996.  Offers location of Gulf Stream from Yucatan Channel to the offing of Nova Scotia and was derived from GOES Satellite imagery.
Lexis Advance offers an interface to locate congressional, news or journal information.  Nexis focuses on news
and journal research.  Training May 2018 new Creating Lexis Alerts

Reconnaissance Summaries
-  annual mission summaries, aircraft operations and history links.  FY17

Science Presentations- 
recorded WebEx presentations given at NHC.

NOAA Brown Bag series - science presentations given by  NOAA and other agencies.

 Storm Surge Unit at NHC
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