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Abstracts of the Papers Communicated to the Royal Society of London   (1843-1850)
Abstracts of Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (1800-1837)
Acclimations Newsletter (1998-2000)

Advanced Engineering Materials (1999-2009)
Advanced Functional Materials (1996-2010)
Advanced Materials (1996-2010)
Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science (2003-2004, 2007)

Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (1998-March 2015)
Advances in Meteorology
Advances in Polymer Technology (1996-2010)
Advances in Water Resources (1995-May 2015)
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute (1928-2011)
African Economic History(1976-2013)
Agribusiness: an International Journal (1996-2009)
Agricultural History (1927-2013)
AGU Journals
AIChE Journal (1997-current)
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment (2000-2011)
American Anthropologist (1888-1981, 1997-2015)
American Biology Teacher (2000-current)
American Fern Journal (2001-current)
American Journal of Botany (1914-2011)
American Journal of Hematology (1996-Apr 2016)
American Journal of Industrial Medicine (1996-2010)
American Journal of Mathematics (1878-2011)
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A (1996-2010)
American Midland Naturalist (1909-2013)
American Mathematical Monthly
American Museum Novitates (2000-current)
American Naturalist (1867-2013)
American Scientist (1942-2011)
American Statistician (1947-2011)
American Zoologist (2000-2005)
AMS Newsletter (1971-current)
Anatolian Studies (1951-2013)
The Anatomical Record (1996-2015)
Angewandte Chemie International Edition (1997-2010)

Animal Conservation (1998-current)
Annalen der Physik (1997-current)
Annals of Applied Probability (1991-2013)
Annals of Mathematical Statistics (1930-1972)
Annals of Mathematics (1884-2011)
Annals of Neurology (1997-2010)
Annals of Probability (1973-2013)
Annals of Statistics (1973-2013)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2000-2015)
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden (1914-2013)
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics (1970-2002)
Annual Review of Fish Diseases (1995)
Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences (1996-2012)
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (1996-2010)
Anthropological Quarterly (1953-2013)
Applied Cognitive Psychology (1996-2010)
Applied Ocean Research (1995-Jun 2014)
Applied Mathematical Modelling
(1995- Jun 2014)
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (1997-2010)
Applied Vegetation Science (2002-2008)
Aquaculture (1995-Jun 2014)
Aquaculture Nutrition (1997-current)
Aquaculture Research (1997-current)
Aquacultural Engineering (1995-May 2014)
Aquaculture International (1997-2012)
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (1997-current)
Aquatic Toxicology (1995-May 2014)
The Arabidopsis Book (2002-2016)
Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (1996-2013)
Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology (1997-2010)
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (2003-current)
Arthritis & Rheumatology (1997-2015)
Assessment Update (1997-2009)
Astronomische Nachrichten (1997-2010)
Athenian Agora (1953-2011)
Atmosfera (1988-current)
Atmosphere Ocean (1963-current)

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2001-current)
Atmospheric Environment (1995-Jun 2014)
Atmospheric Research (1995-Jun 2014)
Atmospheric Science Letters (1997-current)
Atoll Research Bulletin (1951-2014)
The Auk (2000-current)

Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal (1952-2015)
Avian Diseases (2002-current)
Avian Diseases Digest (2006-2012)

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Bell Labs Technical Journal (1996-2010)
Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte (1996-2010)
Biodiversity Letters (1993-1996)
Bioelectromagnetics (1996-2010)
Biological Bulletin
Biological Conservation
(1995-Jun 2014)
Biology of Reproduction (2000-2016)
Biomedical Chromatography (1996-2010)
Biometrical Journal (1996-2010)
Biometrics (1999-current)
Biometrics (1947-2011)
Biometrics Bulletin
Biometrika (1901-2011)
Biopolymers (1996-2010)
BIOS (2004-2016)
BioScience  (2000-2013)
Biotechnology & Bioengineering (1996-2010)
Biotropica (1969-2011)
Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology (2003-2010)
Botanical Bulletin (1875-1876)
Botanical Gazette (1876-1991)
The Botanical Review (2002-2007)
Boundary-Layer Meteorology (1997-current)
British Journal of Surgery (1996-2010)
Brittonia (1931-2011)
The Bryologist (2000-current)
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (1997-current)
Bulletin of Marine Science (1951-2012)
Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (1995-2016)
Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1948-2011)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (1970-current)
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History (2000-current)
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club (1870-1996)

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Canadian Public Policy (1975-2015)
Cancer (1997-2015)
Carbon Balance and Management (2006-current)
Caribbean Journal of Science  (2007-2016)
Castanea (2002-2016)
Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions (1996-2010)
Cell Biochemistry and Function (1996-2010)
Cell Stress & Chaperones (2000-2007)
ChemBioChem (2000-2009)
Chemical Engineering & Technology (CET) (1998-2010)
Chemistry - A European Journal (1997-2010)
Chemistry - An Asian Journal (2006-2010)
ChemPhysChem (2000-2009)
Chesapeake Science (1960-1977)
Child Abuse Review (1996-2009)
Chinese Journal of Chemistry (2005-2010)
Color Research & Application (1996-2010)
Combinatorial Chemistry- An Online Journal (1998-2016)
Climate Dynamics (1997-2014)

Climate Research (1990-current)
Climatic Change (1997-2014)
CLIVAR Publications
The Coleopterists Bulletin (2000-current)
College Mathematics Journal (1984-2013)
Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering (1996-2010)
Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics (1996-2010)
Comparative Parasitology (2002-current)
Complexity (1996-2010)
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (1996-2010)
Computer Applications In Engineering Education (1996-2010)
Computer Music Journal (1977-2011)
Computers & Fluids (1995-Jun 2014)
Concurrency and Computation: Practice & Experience (1996-2010)
The Condor  (2000-current)
Conformal Geometry and Dynamics (1997-current)
Conservation Biology (1997-current)
Continental Shelf Research (1995-Jun 2014)
Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging (2006-2010)
Contributions to Plasma Physics (1996-2010)
Copeia (2000-2016)
Coral Reef News-NOAA
Coral Reefs
(1997-March 2015)
Crystal Research and Technology (1996-2010)
Cytometry Part A (1980-Apr 2016)
Cytometry Part B (1980-March 2016)

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Daily Weather Maps (1871-current)
Deep Sea Research (1953-1961) Abstracts Only
Deep Sea Research and Oceanographic Abstracts (1962-1976) Abstracts Only
Deep Sea Research (1977-1978) Abstracts Only
Deep Sea Research Part A. Oceanographic Research Papers (1979-1992) Abstracts Only
Deep Sea Research Part B. Oceanographic Literature Review  (1979-1992) Abstracts Only
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers (1995-Dec 2015)
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography (1995-Dec 2015)
Depression and Anxiety (1996-2010)
Developmental Dynamics (1992-Apr 2016)
Developmental Neurobiology (1996-Apr 2016)
Developmental Psychobiology (1996-2010)
Diagnostic Cytopathology (1996-2010)
Diversity and Distributions (1998-2011)
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
(1995-Jun 2014)
Dyslexia (1996-2009)

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Earth and Planetary Science Letters (1995-Jun 2014)
Earth Interactions (1997-current)
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (1996-2010)
Earth System Monitor (1990-2013)
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics (1996-2010)
Ecography (1992-2009)
Ecological Applications (1991-2014)
Ecological Economics
(1995-Jun 2014)
Ecological Engineering (1995-Jun 2014
Ecological Monographs (1931-2014)
Ecological Indicators
Ecological Modelling
(1995-Jun 2014)
Ecology (1920-2014)
Ecology Letters (1998-current)
Econometric Theory (1985-2011)
Econometrica (1933-2014)
Economic Botany (2002-2007)
Economic Development and Cultural Change (1952-2015)
Ecosystems (1998-2016)
Edentata (2004-2014)
Electrical Engineering in Japan (1996-2010)
Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology (2006-current)
Electronics & Communications in Japan Part I (1996-2007)
Electrophoresis (1999-2010)
Environmental and Ecological Statistics (1997-2013)
Environmental and Resource Economics (1997-Apr 2015)
Environmental Biology of Fishes
Environmental Entomology (2000-2015)
Environmental Modelling & Software (1997-Jun 2014)
Environmental Progress (1999-2010)
Environmental Quality Management (1996-2009)
Environmental Software (1995-1996)
EOS :Transactions, American Geophysical Union
Estuaries (1978-2005)
Estuaries and Coasts (1997-2014)
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science (1995-Jun 2014)
Ethics (1938-2013)
European Journal of Immunology (1996-2015)
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (1996-2010)
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (1996-2010)
Evidence-Based Child Health: A Cochrane Review Journal (2006-2007)
Evolution (2000-current)
Evolutionary Anthropology (1996-2010)
Experimental Long-Lead Forecast Bulletin

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Federal Employees News Digest
Federal Times
Fire and Materials (1996-2010)
Fish and Fisheries (2000-current)
Fish and Shellfish Immunology (1995-Jun 2014)
Fish Physiology
Fish Physiology and Biochemistry (1997-2014)
Fisheries Bulletin (1999-current)
Fisheries Management and Ecology (1997-current)
Fisheries Oceanography (1997-current)
Fisheries Research
(1995-Jun 2014)
Fisheries Science (2000-2008)
Florida Entomologist (2002-current)
Fortschritte der Physik/Progress of Physics (1998-2010)
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (2003-2014)
Freshwater Biology (1997-current)
Fuel Cells (2001-2010)
Functional Ecology (1987-2011)

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Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer (1996-2010)
genesis: The Journal of Genetics and Development (1996-2010)
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (1995-Jun 2014)
Geofizika (1984-2016)
Geographical Journal (2000-2008)
Geological Journal (1996-2010)
Geophysical Research Letters (1974-current)
Global and Planetary Change (1995-Jun 2014)
Global Biogeochemical Cycles (1987-current)
Global Change Biology (1997-current)
Global Ecology and Biogeography (1999-2011)
Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters (1991-1998)
Goodwin Series (1972-2013)

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Harmful Algae (2002-Jun 2014)
Head & Neck (1978-2010)
Heat Transfer - Asian Research (1997-2010)
Helgoland Marine Research (1993-current)
Helvetica Chimica Acta (1996-2010)
Hepatology (1981-current)
Herpetologica (2002-current)
Herpetological Monographs (2002-2016)
Heteroatom Chemistry (1996-2010)
History of Meteorology (2004-2015)
Human Resource Development Quarterly (1996-2009)
Human Resource Management (1996-2010)
Huntington Library Quarterly (1937-2013)
Hydrological Processes (1996-current)


Icarus (1995-Jun 2014)
Ichthyological Research (1997-2014)

IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering (1976-current)
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Animal (2000-2008)
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant (2003-2008)
Incorporated Statistician (1950-1961)
Integrative and Comparative Biology (2000-2005)
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics (1996-2010)
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (1996-2010)
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids (1996-2010)
International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing (1996-2010)
International Journal of American Linguistics (1917-2013)
International Journal of Cancer (1996-2015)
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics (1996-current)
International Journal of Climatology (1996-current)
International Journal of Energy Research (1996-2010)
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology (1996-2010)
International Journal of Intelligent Systems (1996-2010)

International Journal of Network Management (1996-2009)
International Journal of Plant Sciences (1992-2013)
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (1996-2010)
International Journal of Remote Sensing (2005-2012)
International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering (1996-2010)
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control (1996-2010)
International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking (1996-2010)
International Review of Hydrobiology (1998-2010)
Invasive Plant Science and Management (2008-2016)
IRB: Ethics and Human Research (1979-2013)
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Izvestiya Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics (2006-2014)

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Journal of Aerosol Science (1995-Jun 2014)
Journal of American History (1964-2011)
Journal of Animal Ecology (1998-current)
Journal of Animal Ecology (1932-2011)
Journal of Applied Econometrics (1996-2009)
Journal of Anthropological Research (1973-2013)
Journal of Applied Ecology (1964-2011)
Journal of Applied Ecology (1998-current)
Journal of Applied Icthyology (1997-current)
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (1962-2015)
Journal of Applied Polymer Science (1996-2010)
Journal of Applied Toxicology (1996-2010)
Journal of Arachnology  (2000-current)
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry (1997-2014)
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology (1984-current)
Journal of Avian Biology (1994-2009)
Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (2000-current)
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (1996-2009)
Journal of Biogeography (1974-2011)
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A (1996-2010)
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (1996-2010)
Journal of Cellular Physiology (1996-2010)
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology (1996-2010)
Journal of Chemometrics (1996-2010)
Journal of Climate (1988-current)
Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis (1996-2011)
Journal of Clinical Psychology (1996-2009)
Journal of Clinical Ultrasound (1996-2010)
Journal of Cell Biology (1962-2010)
Journal of Coastal Conservation (2002-2004)
Journal of Coastal Research
Journal of Computational Chemistry (1996-2010)
Journal of Computational Physics (1995-2014)
Journal of Consumer Behaviour (2001-2009)
Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance (1996-2010)
Journal of Crustacean Biology (2000-2012)
Journal of Ecology (1998-May 2015)
Journal of Economic Entomology  (2000-2015)
Journal of Economic Literature (1969-2014)
Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (1914-2011)
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (1995-2014)
Journal of Environmental Management (1990-current) Abstracts Only
The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology  (2000-2004)
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (1995-2014)
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A (1996-2010)
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B (1996-2010)
Journal of Field Ornithology (2000-2005)
Journal of Field Robotics (1996-2010)
Journal of Fish Biology (1997-current)
Journal of Fish Diseases (1997-current)
Journal of Forecasting (1996-2010)
The Journal of Futures Markets (1996-2009)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics (1978-current)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978-current)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans (1978-current)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984-current)
Journal of Geophysical Research:Planets (1991- current)
Journal of Geophysical Research:Earth Surface (2003-current)
Journal of Geophysical Research:Biogeosciences (2005-current)
Journal of Graph Theory (1996-2010)
Journal of Herpetology (2002-current)
Journal of Hospital Medicine (2006-2007)
Journal of Hydrometeorology (2000-current)
Journal of Insect Science (2001-2015)
Journal of Interactive Marketing (1996-2008)
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology (1995-2014)
Journal of Industrial Economics (1952-2011)
Journal of Mammology (1919-2013)
Journal of Marine Research (1983-May 2013)
Journal of Marine Science and Technology (1997-2014)
Journal of Marine Systems (1995-2014)
Journal of Mass Spectrometry (1996-2010)
Journal of Medical Virology (1996-2010)
Journal of Morphology (1996-2010)
Journal of Nonlinear Science (1997-2012)
Journal of Oceanography (1996-2014)

Journal of Operational Meteorology
Journal of Organizational Behavior (1996-2009)
Journal of Orthopaedic Research (1996-May 2016)
Journal of Orthoptera Research (2001-2016)
Journal of Paleontology (1927-2012)
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Journal of Parasitology  (2000-current)
Journal of Pathology (1996-2010)
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1996-2010)

Journal of Phycology (1997-current)
Journal of Physical Oceanography (1971-current)
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry (1996-2010)
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science (1999-2010)
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (1996-2009)
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (1996-2010)
Journal of Research in Science Teaching (1996-2010)
Journal of Scientific Computing (1997-2012)
Journal of Sea Research (1996-2014)
Journal of Separation Science (1998-current)
Journal of Sex Research (1965-2009)
Journal of Surgical Oncology (1996-2010)
Journal of Symbolic Logic (1936-2012)
Journal of the American Mathematical Society (1988-2011)
Journal of The American Society for Information Science and Technology (1986-2010)
Journal of the American Statistical Association (1922-2011)
Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science  (2004-current)
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences (1944-current)
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (1957-2011)
Journal of the History of Sexuality (1990-2013)
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (1996-2009)
Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society (2004-2016)

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (1923-current)
Journal of the North Atlantic (2008-current)
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (1887-1947)
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A (General) (1948-1987)
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A (Statistics in Society) (1988-2012)
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (1996-2010)
Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (1953-1965)
Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Series B, Numerical Analysis
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B (Methodological) (1948-1997)
Journal of the Statistical Society of London
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society
Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (1997-current)
Journal of Time Series Analysis (1997-2010)
Journal of Traumatic Stress (1996-2010)
Journal of Tropical Ecology (1985-2011)
Journal of Vegetation Science (2002-2008)
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (2000-current)

Journal of Weather Modification (1979-2016)
Journal of Wildlife Management (2004-2011)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine  (2000-current)

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Land Degradation and Development (1996-2010)
Landscape Ecology (1997-2014)
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (1996-2010)
Leader to Leader (1996-2009)
Latin American Antiquity (1990-2014)
Limnology and Oceanography (1956-2008)

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Macromolecular Bioscience (1997-current)
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics (1997-current)
Macromolecular Materials & Engineering (1997-current)
Macromolecular Rapid Communications (1997-current)
Macromolecular Symposia (1997-current)
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations (1997-current)
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry (1997-current)
Mammalian Species (1969-2005)
Managerial and Decision Economics (1997-current)
Marine Biology (1997-2012)
Marine Biotechnology (1999-current)
Marine Chemistry (1995-current)
Marine Ecology (1999-current)
Marine Environmental Research (1995- current)
Marine Fisheries Review (1998-current)
Marine Geodesy (2005-2011)
Marine Geophysical Researches (1997-2012)
Marine Mammal Science
Marine Policy (1995-current)
Marine Pollution Bulletin (1995-current)
Marine Technology and SNAME News  (2001-2006)

Marine Technology Society Journal (April 2016-current)
Mariners Weather Log (1998-current)
Mass Spectrometry Reviews (1997-current)
Mathematical Gazette (1894-2002)
Mathematical Geology (1997-2007)
Mathematical Geosciences (2008-current)
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (1997-current)
Mathematical Tables and Other Aids to Computation (1943-1959)
Mathematics Magazine (1947-2004)
Mathematics News Letter (1926-1934)
Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Operations Research (1976-2003)
Mathematische Nachrichten (1997-current)
Meteorological Applications (2002-current)
Meteorologische Zeitschrift (2004-2008, 2014-current)
Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (1997-current)
Microscopy Research and Technique (1997-current)
Microsurgery (1997-current)
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters (1997-current)
Midland Naturalist (1909-2004)
Missouri Botanical Garden Annual Report (1890-1912)
MLQ- Mathematical Logic Quarterly (1997-current)
Molecular Carcinogenesis (1997-current)
Molecular Ecology (1996-current)
Molecular Ecology Notes (2001-current)
Molecular Pharmaceutics
Monthly Weather Review (1914-current)
Mountain Research and Development (1981-2004)
Muscle and Nerve (1997-current)

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National Mathematics Magazine (1934-1945)
National Weather Digest (1976-current)
Nature Climate Change (2012-current)
Nature Geoscience (2012-current)
Natural Hazards
(1988-current) NHC direct access only
Natural Hazards and Earth System Science (2001-current)
Natural Hazards Review (2010-current) NHC direct access only
Naval Research Logistics: an International Journal (1997-current)
Neotropical Primates
Netherlands Journal of Sea Research (1995)
Networks: an International Journal (1997-current)
New Directions for Child & Adolescent Development (1997-current)
New Directions for Community Colleges (1997-current)
New Directions for Higher Education (1997-current)
New Directions for Teaching & Learning (1997-current)
New Phytologist (1902-2004)
NMR in Biomedicine (1997-current)
NOAA Coral Reef News
NOAA Magazine (2001-current)
Northeastern Naturalist (1997-2004)
Northwestern Naturalist (1989-2004)
Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications (1997-current)
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

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Ocean and Coastal Management (1995-current)
Ocean and Shoreline Management
(1988-1991) Abstracts Only
Ocean Dynamics (1997-current)
Ocean Engineering (1995-current)
Ocean Management (1973-1986) Abstracts Only
Ocean Modelling (1999-current)

Oceanography (1988-current)
Ocean Science (2005-current)
Oceanic Linguistics (1962-2004)
Oceanologia (1996-current)
Oikos (2000-current)
Optimal Control Applications and Methods (1997-current)
Oral History Review (1973-2004)
Organic Geochemistry (1995-current)
Organic Process Research & Development
Ornithological Monographs (2006-current)
Our Changing Planet : The FY 1998 U.S. Global Change Research Program Report

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Pacific Historical Review (1932-2004)
PALAIOS  (2000-current)
Paleobiology (1975-2003)

Paleoceanography (1986-current)
Palynology (1977-2002)
Parallel Computing
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization (1997-current)
PC World   (1998-current)
Pediatric Blood & Cancer (1997-current)
Pediatric Pulmonology (1997-current)
Perspectives on Politics (2003-2004)
Pest Management Science (1997-current)
Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775)
Philosophical Transactions (1665-1678)
Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences (1990-2004)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. A
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences (1934-1990)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Containing Papers of a Biological Character (1896-1934)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (1776-1886)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences (1996-present)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (1934-1990)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Papers of a Mathematical or Physical Character (1887-1895)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. B (1887-1895)
Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Philosophical Transactions: Physical Sciences and Engineering (1990-1995)
Phoenix (1946-2004)
Photochemistry and Photobiology (2000-current)
Photogrammetria (1938-1989) Abstracts Only
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing
physica status solidi (a): Applications and Materials Science (1997-current)
physica status solidi (b) Basic Solid State Physics (1997-current)
physica status solidi (c): Conferences & Critical Reviews (1997-current)
Physical Oceanography (2002-current) Abstracts Only
Physics of Fluids (2002-current)
Physics Plasmas (2002-current)
Polar Biology (1996-current)
Polymer Composites (1997-current)
Polymer Engineering & Science (1997-current)
Polymer International (1997-current)
Polymers for Advanced Technologies (1997-current)
Primate Conservation
Proceedings: Biological Sciences (1990-2004)
Proceedings: Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (2001-current)
Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science (1928-1991)
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research (1928-2001)
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (1950-2002)

Proceedings of the International Coral Reef Symposium
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences (1996-current)
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences (1990-1995)
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (1934-1990)
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Containing Papers of a Mathematical and Physical Character (1905-1934)
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences (1934-1990)
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Containing Papers of a Biological Character (1905-1934)
Process Safety Progress (1997-current)
Progress in Oceanography (1995-current)
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research & Applications (1997-current)
Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics (1997-current)
Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics (1997-current)
Proteomics (1997-current)
Psychology & Marketing (1997-current)
Psychology in the Schools (1997-current)
Publications of the American Economic Association (1886-1907)
Publications of the American Statistical Association (1888-1919)
Pure and Applied Geophysics (1997-current)

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Quality and Reliability Engineering International (1997-current)
Quarterly Publications of the American Statistical Association (1920-1921)
The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (1997-current)
Quarterly Review of Biology (1926-2006)
Quaternary Research (1997-current)


Radiation Research (2000-current)
Radio Science (1966-current)
Radiography (1995-current) Abstracts Only
Random Structures and Algorithms (1997-current)
Rangeland Ecology & Management (2004-current)
Rangelands (2004-current)
Rapid Assessment Program Bulletin of Biological Assessment
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (1997-current)
Reef Encounters (1997-current)
Remediation Journal (1997-current)
Remote Sensing of Environment (1995-2013)
Representation Theory (1996-current)
Research in Nursing & Health (1997-current)
Restoration Ecology (1997-current)
Review of Economic Studies (1933-2004)
Review of Financical Studies (1988-2004)
Review of Religious Research (1959-2005)
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (1997-current)
Reviews of Geophysics (1963-current)
Revista (1998-current)
Risk Analysis (2000-current)

Russian Meteorology and Hydrology (2007-current)

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Science (1880-2002)
Science (1997-current)
ScienceNOW (1996-current)
Science Education (1997-current)
Science News (1997-current)
Scientia Marina (1989-current)
Scientific American (2001-current)
Scientific Monthly (1915-1957)

Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere (2005-current)
Sedimentology (1996-current)
SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics (1966-2003)
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis (1997-current)
SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis (1966-2002)
SIAM Review (1959-2002)
SMALL (1997-current)
The Society of Wetland Scientists Bulletin (2000-current)
Software Testing, Verification & Reliability (1997-current)
Software:Practice and Experience (1997-current)
Southeastern Naturalist (2002-2004)
Southern Economic Journal (1933-2004)
Southwestern Naturalist (1956-2004)
Statistical Science (1986-2004)
Statistician (1962-2003)
Strategic Management Journal (1997-current)
Surface and Interface Analysis (1997-current)
Supplement to the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (1934-1947)
Surveys in Geophysics
Systematic Biology
Systematic Botany (1976-2002)
Systematic Zoology (1952-1991)
Systems Engineering (1997-current)
Systems Research & Behavioral Science
SubStance (1971-2006)

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Taxon (1951-2004)
Technometrics (1959-2002)

Tectonics (1982-current)
Tellus A(1983-2011)
Tellus B (1983-2011)
Tellus A (2002-current)
Tellus B (2002-current)

Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
The Environmentalist(1997-current) Abstracts Only
The Journal of Modern History (1929-2006)
The Journal of Political Economy (1929-2006)
The Journal of the History of Sexuality (1990-2005)
The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology (1997-current)
Theoretical Population Biology (1995-current)
The Hastings Center Report (1971-2005)
The Hastings Center Studies (1973-1975)
The Plant Cell (1989-2005)
The Quarterly Review of Biology (1926-2006)
The Royal Society Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences (1997-current)
Transactions in GIS (1996-current)
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (1900-2002)
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science (1903-2004)
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (1872-2002)

Trends In Ecology And Evolution (1995-current)

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (1872-2002)
Tropical Cyclone Research and Review

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U.K. Met Office Tropical Cyclone Reports (2007)
Ursus (1998-2004)



Waterbirds (2002-2011)
Water Research (1995-current)

Water Resources Research (1965-current)
Weather (1996-current)
Weather and Forecasting (1986-current)
Weatherwise (1997-current,
NHC access 2008-current)
Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web (2003- 2004)
Weed Science (2000-2011)
Weed Technology (2000-2011)
Western Historical Quarterly (1970-2002)
Wetlands (2000-2011)
Wetlands Ecology & Management (1997-2012)
Wildlife Monographs (1958-2010)
Wildlife Society Bulletin (2004-2006)
William and Mary Quarterly (1892-2007)
The Wilson Bulletin (2000-2005)
The Wilson Journal of Ornithology (2006-2011)
Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing (1997-current)
WMO Bulletin

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X-Ray Spectrometry (1997-current)



ZAAC-Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry (1997-current)
ZAMM-Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (1997-current)
Zoologica Scripta (2006-current)                                                            

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