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The mission of the National Hurricane/Tropical Prediction Center Library is to acquire, manage and ensure the delivery of scientific and technical information in the field of atmospheric studies to its users. The library users include all NOAA divisions, government agencies, academia, industry and the general public.   Audio

The National Hurricane Center Library is a branch of NOAA Miami Regional Library which is located in the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory on Key Biscayne. The Regional Library is an official branch of the NOAA Central Library in Silver Spring, Maryland belonging to the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), Library and Information Services.  
NODC generates over 30 major products several of them used by  National Hurricane Center and Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorolgical Laboratoy staff.   There are 30 NOAA libraries across the country that make up the NOAA library network. The combined catalogues contain over one million volumes of technical inforamtion much of it produced by the NOAA agencies. Audio

The 868 SF library features moveable shelving accommodating approximately 9,350 cataloged items, roughly 8375 scientific journal issues and vertical files containing hurricane related items including newspaper clippings, reports, maps and photographs. The in-house collection also includes CD ROMS and microfilm formats. A major feature of the library is the online catalog which provides access to the combined collections of NOAA's 30 libraries. The e-collection of resources has about 275  e-journals and dozens of databases most offering full-text materials to current and archival data. Two popular resources, held electronically and in print, are the Monthly Weather Review -Atlantic Annual Hurricane Summaries and the Daily Synoptic Weather Map Series from 1871 to 2002.


Located on the Florida International University Park campus, the NHC/TPC facility houses the National Hurricane Center Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB) and the Miami Weather Forecast Office (WFO). All are components of NOAA's National Weather Service. The building is designed to withstand severe weather conditions ensuring uninterupted forecast operations occurring before, during and after a storm.   Audio
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NOAA Miami Regional Librarians are available to respond to reference questions Monday through Friday at               
one of our two locations.   A librarian is present at the NHC branch library Tuesday through Thursday from
8:30 AM  to 4:30 PM or appointment.
Linda Pikula, Regional Librarian, AOML location -            305-361-4428  -   email:
Gloria Aversano, Librarian, NHC & AOML loctations -       305-229-4406  -   email:
National Hurricane Center Library
11691 S.W. 17th St.
Miami, Florida 33165
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