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Hiram Escabi, Jr.
Upper Air Program Manger
National Weather Service

July 22, 2015
NWS Upper Air Networks (Radiosonde)

Pat Fitzpatrick

Mississippi State University

June 4th, 2015
A review of MSU software toots and NOAA funded research applied to tropical cyclones.

Jason Dunion
NOAA/AOML/Hurricane Research Division

May 18th, 2015
NOAA Shout-Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology- Plans for the Global Hawk UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems - during the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season.
John Knaff
NOAA Center for Satellite applications and Research
Fort Collins, CO.

April 29th, 2015
Potential Applications of Satellite-Derived Tropical Cyclone Size Estimates. (note-equations are garbled)
Power Point only - for correct equations

Mark Bove
Senior research Meteorologist
Munich Reinsurance American
April 27th, 2015
The Billion Dollar Database HURDATs Influence on Hurricane Loss Models

Marty Bell 1, Jay Titlow 2, Matt Corey 3 and Bill Thorson 1
Fort Collins, CO 1,
Poquoson, VA 2,
New Smyrna Beach, Fl 3

April 6, 2015
Weather Flow Coastal Surface Observing Systems


Jun Zhang

NOAA/AOML/Hurricane Research Division
Miami, Florida

Feb 13, 2015 Improving Hurricane Model Physics using Aircraft Observations

Jan Kleinn
Twelve Captial
Zurich, Switzerland
Jan. 16, 2015 The Use of National Hurricane Center Data in the Risk Transfer Industry  (Power Point only).   
Prof. Cary Mock and Jennifer Simmons
University of South Carolina
Depart. of Geography
Nov. 24, 2014 Using Historical Records to Reconstruct Tropical Cyclone Histories
Talk:41:33  questions to :51:33
Dr. Robert Atlas
Director, NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
Miami, Florida
Nov. 6, 2014 Observing system simulation experiments to assess the potential impact of proposed observing systems on hurricane prediction

Video loop: SWS_RT8
Video loop:7kmNR_TCs
Prof. Nick Shay
Collaborators: G. Halliwell (AOML), W. Teague (NRL), P. Meyers (UMBC), E. Uhlhorn (AOML), B. Jaimes, J. Brewster, R. Schuster, C. McCaskill, J. Rudkin (RSMAS).
University of Miami, Florida
May 27, 2014 Upper Oceanic Response to Hurricanes: Impacts on Intensity Change RT: 01:01:15 (takes a minute  to start.)
Tomislava Vukicevic
Hurricane Research Division

May 14, 2014 What is Parameterization Uncertainty and How to Evaluate It for Ensemble Prediction?  RT: 56:20
Pallab Mozumder
Associate Professor, Dept. of Earth & Environment
and Dept. of Economics
Florida International University
April 10, 2014 "Socio-Economic and Behavioral Aspects of Hurricane Evacuation Decision Making"

Chidong Zhang

Universtiy of Miami, Fl

April 7, 2014 Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) Impacts on Global Weather and Climate - RT : 58:50

Kieran T. Bhatia, David S. Nolan 
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science,
University of Miami

Feb. 18, 2014
"Predicting Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecast Error"

Dan Halperin, Bob Hart, Henry Fuelberg, Josh Cossuth

Florida State University

Nov. 19, 2013 "Tropical Cyclone Genesis: Verifying Historical Forecasts and Developing a Statistical Model from NWP Output"
Eric Uhlhorn
Hurricane Research Division
Brad Klotz (CIMAS), Bob Black (HRD), Sylvie Lorsolo (formerly HRD)
Hurricane Research Division
June 18, 2013 "Improved Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer (SFMR)
surface wind measurements in intense rain conditions"

Michael Bell ,
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
Wen-Chau Lee, NCAR, Boulder, CO
May 22, 2013 An Overview of VORTRAC 2 and Its Capabilities (Bell) -starts ~ 00:06:00
followed by
Recent Research Efforts to Improve Velocity Unfolding and Mean Wind Estimates (Lee)  Starts 00:40:10
Kyle Griffin
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
April 25, 2013 Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves and Interactions with Tropical Cyclones  RT: 1:04
Jack Beven
Senior Hurricane Specialist
National Hurricane Center
April 17, 2013 TAFB Dvorak Refresher Training RT: 2:46
Tomislava Vukicevic , Eric Uhlhorn, Paul Reasor and
Bradley Klotz
Hurricane Research Division,
Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, NOAA
February 27, 2013 Multi Scale Intensity (MSI) Metric for Dynamic Forecast Evaluation
RT: ~1:09
Nelsie Ramos
Sim Aberson, NOAA AOML/HRD
Vernon Morris, Howard University
February 20, 2013 Structure and Evolution of Developing and Non-developing African Easterly Waves during NAMMA
RT :40:43 plus questions following
Jessica Weinkle
PHD Candidate
Environmental Studies
Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
CIRES/Univ. of Colorado, Bounder
December 17, 2012 Model Me This: What is Florida's Hurricane Risk?
Svetla Hristova-Veleva
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
November, 2012 Tropical Cyclone Information System: Observations and Model Evaluation
Rick Danielson
coauthors: Mike Brenan/ Bryan Stiles/ Lee Poulsen
and Svetla Hirstova-Veleva
UCAR Visiting Scientist
November, 2012 Assessment of Neural Network Retrieval of Outer Core Surface Wind Structure and Intensity QuikSCAT's Tropical Cyclone Overpasses
Andre van der Westhuysen
Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA/NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center
October, 2012 Spatial and temporal tracking of oceanic wave systems
Andre van der Westhuysen October, 2012 Development of the Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS)
Jost CossuthFlorida State University
Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric 
September, 2012 Ongoing efforts to assist operational tropical cyclone genesis and structure forecasting developing new aids
Vijay Tallapragada
NOAA/NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center
August, 2012 Operational Hurricane Weather Research forecast (HWRF) Modeling System at NCEP/EMC-Current status, recent advancements and future developments.
David Nolan & Kieran Bhatia: Rosenstiel School of Marine &Atmospheric Science- University of Miami  in Collaboration with:
Robert Atlas, Sharan Majumdar and Lisa Bucci
August, 2012 Development and Validation of a High-Resolution Hurricane Nature Run Using the ECMWF and WRF Models
Zorana Jelenak & Paul Chang
NOAA/NESDIS/Center for Satelliete Applications and Research
July, 2012 NOAA OSCAT Wind Products: Status and Plans
Dr. I-I Lin et al.
National Taiwan University 
April, 2012 Typhoon-Ocean Interaction in the Western North Pacific and Neighboring Seas: review and outlook'
Joe Cione
Hurricane Research
April, 2012 Impact of near-surface atmospheric thermodynamic variability on hurricane air-sea structure and intensity change
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