Global Heat Storage


NOAA/AOML houses the US Argo data assembly center to process data from profiling floats and the GOOS center to process temperature profile data from XBTs among other sources.

A major goal of these efforts is to provide sufficient data for the description and analysis of the state of the ocean and for couple numerical models to provide seasonal to interannual forecasts.

Data and Products

Monthly estimates of the mixed layer properties and heat storage rates for the Atlantic from various in situ observations (ARGO profiling floats and XBTs). Go

Preliminary global upper ocean heat storage (UOHS) estimates obtained from a combination of satellite-altimetry and ARGO floats. Go

Quarterly Reports

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Quarterly reports (starting in Q1 Jan-Mar, 2005) assessing how well the heat storage estimates are satisfying the GOOS/GCOS (1999) requirement for hydrographic measurements. Go