The XBT Science Team

The XBT Science Team was formed during the First 
Expendable Bathythermograph 
Workshop (Melbourne Australia, 2011) with the following objectives:

  • Have a voice in the community to communicate XBT-related scientific results;
  • Gather the XBT community to discuss scientific advances in the use of XBT observations;
  • Enhance international scientific collaboration;
  • Make recommendations and prioritize transects on the XBT network;
  • Make recommendations on XBT data management;
  • Create links with other active/recognized scientific and operational panels; and
  • Assist in activities carried out by the Ship Of Opportunity Program Implementation Panel;

This website provides: (1) introductory information about XBTs, (2) information about the XBT Science Team members, (3) information about XBT meetings and workshops, (4) a complete list of XBT-related publications, (5) XBT data access, and (6) XBT derived products.

If you would like to have more information about the XBT Science Team activities, please contact Janet Sprintall, Gustavo Goni, or Ann Thresher