XBT Data Management

Below are listed documents that provide information on the best practices for the XBT data management.

SOOPIP Quality Control Cookbook for XBT data

The Quality Control (QC) procedures described here have been developed by oceanographers participating in the CSIRO XBT Program, specifically to assure the research quality of expendable bathythermograph (XBT) data of 0.6 to 2.0 m resolution, at the delayed mode stage. This manual provides an overview of real oceanographic features and instrument errors that have been monitored over a period of years and from which the CSIRO procedures and QC codes (flags) have been developed.

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Procedures used at AOML to quality control real time XBT data collected in the Atlantic Ocean

Quality control (QC) procedures developed and implemented at AOML for the examination of real time XBT data are presented. The steps required to QC XBT data are outlined in a "cook book" format. The methods employed are primarily subjective as many of the stages involve interactive input from the user.

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