NOAA/AOML Hurricane Glider Videos

The NOAA Hurricane Underwater Glider Project and Operations

The NOAA Hurricane Gliders Project

2018 Hurricane Gliders Deployments and Operations

IFAA Hurricane Glider Virtual Workshop, April 2020

Dr. Catherine Edwards (SECOORA/SkIO)

South Atlantic Bight: Insights from Gliders Deployed for Hurricane Florence

Dr. Doug Wilson (OCOVI)

Northeastern Caribbean: Hurricane Dorian (2019) and Essential Ocean Features

George Halliwell (NOAA/AOML)

Upper ocean from representation using moving and stationary profilers

Ricardo Domingues (CIMAS and NOAA/AOML)

The link between the upper ocean and 2017 Atlantic hurricanes

Dr. Scott Glenn (MARACOOS/Rutgers)

Mid Atlantic Bight: Stratified Coastal Ocean Interactions with Tropical Cyclones

Dr. Matthieu Le Henaff (CIMAS and NOAA/AOML)

The upper ocean conditions in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Michael (2018)