Completed! 2023 Hurricane Season Deployments (Missions 50 through 58)

Glider ID Status Region Deployment Profiles Days Last Comm. (UTC)
SG630 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-08-26
SG635 Recovered Gulf of Mexico 2023-08-28
SG664 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-19
SG665 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-11
SG665 Recovered North Atlantic 2023-09-07
SG666 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-11
SG668 Recovered North Atlantic 2023-08-02
SG683 Recovered North Atlantic 2023-07-13
SG684 Recovered Caribbean Sea 2023-07-11

Ocean Monitoring and Tools

This webpage provides information about the current coordinated hurricane glider deployment plans nationwide, and access to tools and products providing near-real time ocean conditions.