NOAA RTOFs vs Gliders Near-Real-Time Evaluation

This page provides to near-real-time comparisons between underwater glider data, and the NOAA RTOFs temperature and salinity fields used in operational coupled forecasts. RTOFs temperature and salinity fields are retrieved for the location and time of glider observations, and observed glider profiles are used to compute daily averages, vertically averaged for model layers. Plots are updated daily, and include a delay of approximately 24 hours.

The products on this page are not operationally maintained and there may be times when they are not updated or available.

RTOFs Evaluation

You may select from the tabs below the ID of the underwater glider to visualize the RTOFs vs Glider comparisons for different vehicles

SG630 SG635 SG664 SG665 SG666 SG668 SG683 SG684



The black line on the temperature and salinity sections shows the 26°C isotherm and the 35 isohaline, respectively