Aside from the Quarterly Reports on Global Heat Storage, Global Surface Currents, and Atlantic Meridional Heat Transport, and other Related Projects, AOML is responsible for the following products related to its contribution to the OCO's Annual Report:

Climatology of Surface Currents

A climatology of monthly currents at 1°x1° resolution, calculated from surface drifter observations. Go

Animation of Surface Currents

Animations of seasonal currents and sea surface temperature, derived from surface drifter observations. Go

Altimetric Estimates of Surface Currents

The spatial and temporal variability of several surface currents which are key components of the Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC) are monitored by these products.

The Agulhas and North Brazil Currents, and their associated rings, the Yucatan and Florida currents are some of the currents monitored through this project.Go