Two Summer Interns at PhOD

Mr. Dillon Amaya and Ms. Alexandra Ramos have recently started a two-month summer internship at PhOD. During this period, they will be advised by scientists at PhOD in Ocean-Climate studies.

Ms. Alexandra Ramos (right), an undergraduate student from the University of Puerto Rico, started her summer internship at Physical Oceanography Division of AOML. She will be working with PhOD scientists to explore how the minimum upper ocean heat energy required for generating cat-5 hurricanes may change during the 21st century. She will be mainly focusing on the climate model simulations, which will be used in the next IPCC report.

Mr. Dillon Amaya (left), an undergraduate Hollings Scholar from Texas A&M University, begins his two-month summer internship at AOML on Tuesday, May 28. His adviser is Gregory Foltz (PhOD) and the title of his research project is "Influence of central Pacific El Nino on tropical Atlantic climate." .