Accurate XBT data acquisition is the backbone for the XBT program. By improving on the current methods of acquiring data and the high costs attributed to hardware, system servicing, deployment, and upgrading , AOML has started developing a prototype low cost XBT data acquisition device. This new device called, AOML-XBT Data Recorder (AXR), performs the same operation as existing devices. However, production cost for the current Real-time Data Acquisition Device prototype is projected to be less than $200 per unit.

Specifications & Goals:

  • Processor agnostic / easily modifiable for Auto-launcher incorporation
  • Compact size / Easy to transport
  • Low power consumption
  • High Definition measurements
  • 24-Bit A/D for conversion
  • Run the whole system using a single USB connection
  • High Precision parts for amplification
  • RF rejection for low noise in measurements
  • Temperature compensated circuitry for use in extreme climates if needed
  • Use a micro-controller for easy interfacing with computer