Southern Ocean

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This transect is used to investigate the variability in the upper layer interocean exchanges between South America and Antarctica on seasonal and interannual time scales by monitoring the frontal regions. It also helps to close the box formed by AX18 and AX22 to investigate the heat budget in this region with the complement of Argo observations inside the box, and to investigate the relationship between the frontal variability, its transports, and changes in the wind fields.

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XBT deployments along AX22


AX22 Mean Temperature Section

The figure below shows the mean temperature section along AX22.


AX22 Temperature Standard Deviation

The figure below shows the standard deviation of the mean temperature section along AX22.


Temperature Space-Time Diagrams from AX22 XBT Profiles

The diagrams below show the temporal and spatial distribution of temperature along AX22 at selected depths.

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*residuals are obtained by substracting the seasonal cycle