Six-Hourly Interpolated Metadata

FTP Instructions for Dowloading the Entire Metadata File:

To FTP the metadata file (ASCII text):

Login as an 'anonymous' user to and proceed as follows:

At the system (e.g. unix) prompt, enter commands shown below:

unix> ftp
ftp> binary
ftp> cd phod/pub/buoydata
ftp> prompt off
ftp> mget *
ftp> quit

Drifter data is broken into four smaller files for easy download.

These metadata files contain the initial transmission time and position, drogue off date, final time and position, death code, etc. for each drifter.

  • File dirfl_1_5000.dat contains metadata from the earliest 5,000 drifters. This file was last revised in May, 2016.
  • File dirfl_5001_10000.dat contains metadata for drifters 5,001 through 10,000. This file was last revised on May, 2016.
  • File dirfl_10001_15000.dat contains metadata for drifters 10,001 through 15,000. This file was last revised on May, 2016.
  • File dirfl_15001_mmmyy.dat contains updated metadata through MMM of year YY. Choose the your deisired file.

These metadata files are accompanied by data files, which can be referenced from the list below:

dirfl_1_5000.dat -- buoydata_1_5000.dat.gz
dirfl_5001_10000.dat -- buoydata_5001_10000.dat.gz
dirfl_10001_15000.dat -- buoydata_10001_15000.dat.gz
dirfl_15001_MMMYY.dat -- buoydata_15001_mmmyy.dat.gz