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Open Access Resources Definition

Open acess (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge to the reader, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. OA is compatible with copyright , peer review , revenue (even profit), print, preservation, prestige , quality , career-advancement, indexing, and other features and supportive services assocated usually with conventional scholarly literature. [1] Open Access Overview

Why Open Access

The internet provides a new opportunity to bring information to a wider audience at virtually no marginal cost, and allows them to use it in new, innovative ways. This has resulted in a call for a new framework to allow research results to be more easily accessed and used. From Open Access ARL:

  • Astronomy researchers who made their Astrophysical Journal article open access using the e-print server doubled the citation rate of their articles.
  • Scientists who chose the open access option when they published in Liminology and Oceanography had approximately three times more downloads of their articles from that journal's website.
  • "From Open Access: A SPARC brochure" - More Information

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