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Library Services & Education

Creation of Bibliographic & Regional Online Databases
Custom Journal Alerts
Data Management
Digitization of Special Collections
Field Access
Reference and Research
User Education

Library Services & Education

The library strives to provide NOAA employees with the search tools and literature they need in an efficient and timely manner.

Creation of Bibliographic and Regional Online Databases - Request online, full-text searchable bibliographies.  

Custom Journal Alerts - Sign up to receive tables of contents for your favorite journals by email, RSS feeds, and alerts of newly published literature on specific topics.

Data Management - Basic guidance on Data Management. OSTP and NSF requirements.

Digitization of Special Collections The NOAA Miami Regional Library staff at AOML & NHC will assist you in digitizing important historical media & print collections.

Field Access - Requesting materials and access from the field.  

Metadata - Consultation and assistance in metadata creation for science authors for both print publications and data curation.

Presentation: Recording/Archiving - The NOAA Miami Regional Library staff at AOML & NHC will assist you in recording your presentations and archivng them.

Publishing - The library website will host AOML customized information resources. (ex, perhaps an aggregation of working papers for collegial working groups).

Reference and Research - Provides in-depth reference and research on scientific topics.

User Education - Provides links to support and training pages for literature databases and citation management applications. Upon request library staff will provide personal and group instruction to scientific staff.

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