NOAA's Emerging Technologies Workshop

AOML Researchers Attend First NOAA's Emerging Technologies Workshop


Several AOML researchers attended First NOAA's Emerging Technologies Workshop in Silver Spring, Maryland on July 27th. Ulises Rivero, Gustavo Goni, NOAA Corps. RADM David Score, Kelly Goodwin, and Joseph Cione.
NOAA hosted one-day event to showcase technologies that could potentially be used to replace or improve NOAA's current observing capabilities and fill observational gaps, as well as lower costs, within the next 3-5 years. AOML's contributions to the workshop included presentations on four observing platforms that are either being used operationally or undergoing testing. AOML oceanographer Gustavo Goni shared information on AOML's use of underwater gliders in the Caribbean Sea and tropical North Atlantic Ocean to assess the impact of hurricane-force winds on the upper ocean's density structure and the impact of ocean profile data from the gliders on hurricane intensity forecasts. Finally, AOML engineer Ulises Rivero presented information on the Adaptable Bottom Instrument Information Shuttle System (ABIISS) developed at AOML. ABIISS uses expendable pods to transfer data at pre-programmed intervals from deep ocean moored instruments to the ocean surface. All of these technologies hold the promise of helping NOAA reduce operating costs, improve data collection efforts, and advance scientific understanding.