JCOMM Ship Observations Team (SOT) Meeting

PHOD and CIMAS personnel Gustavo Goni, Shenfu Dong, Francis Bringas, and Joaquin Trinanes participated at the biannual JCOMM Ship Observations Team (SOT) Meeting that will be held in Cape Town, April 20-24.

The SOT has three programs, one of which is the Ship Of Opportunity Implementation Programme (SOOPIP), in which the main components are the XBT and TSG networks. Gustavo Goni is the chairman of SOOPIP. Meetings such as this one are held to present the status of these international programs, future implementation plans and also creats opportunity to interact with South African scientists and science support personnel of the South African Weather Service and the University of Cape Town, who are partners with AOML to maintain three critical XBT transects (Cape Town to New York City, Cape Town to Buenos Aires, and Cape Town to Antarctica).