This web site was created to provide easy access to eXpendable BathyThermographs (XBTs) data, XBT-derived products, and other XBT-related scientific and operational information; and to also bring together scientists to highlight the uses of XBT data including upper ocean thermal structure and variability, and ocean current transport.

This site is hosted at NOAA/AOML and contains input from the XBT Science Team members.


The XBT/CTD pairs dataset (Version 1), used to calculate the historical XBT fall rate and temperature corrections presented in Cowley et al (2013), has been made publicly availble through the following DOI permanent link: Each dataset contains the scientifically quality controlled version and the original data, when available. The publication of this dataset provides new ground for additional research on the XBT biases, in support of improvements on the XBT technology.


CLIVAR-GSOP Coordinated Quality-Control of Global Subsurface Ocean Climate Observations

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