Atlantic Ocean

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This transect is located nominally along 30°N extending from the Straits of Gibraltar in the eastern Atlantic to the east coast of the United States at Miami, Florida, and was implemented in 1994. This latitude is ideal for monitoring the meridional heat transport in the North Atlantic along 30°N, in conjunction with Florida Cable and dropsondes measurements. This transect has also been identified as being key to assess decadal variability in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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XBT deployments along AX07


AX07 Mean Temperature Section

The figure below shows the mean temperature section along AX07.


AX07 Temperature Standard Deviation

The figure below shows the standard deviation of the mean temperature section along AX07.


Temperature Space-Time Diagrams from AX07 XBT Profiles

The diagrams below show the temporal and spatial distribution of temperature along AX07 at selected depths.

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*residuals are obtained by substracting the seasonal cycle