Atlantic Ocean

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This transect crosses the North Atlantic subpolar gyre at approximately 60°N, a latitude where the variability of the circulation and heat transport induced by NAO. The better understanding of this mode of variability and of the separation of the components associated with gyre circulation from the ones associated with overturning requires a continuous sampling of the temperature and current structures along repeated sections. The simultaneous and continuous monitoring of the currents and surface/subsurface thermal structure can at this moment only with XBTs. Observations from Argo floats provide complementary data although insufficient to carry out this study.

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XBT deployments along AX01


AX01 Mean Temperature Section

The figure below shows the mean temperature section along AX01.


AX01 Temperature Standard Deviation

The figure below shows the standard deviation of the mean temperature section along AX01.


Temperature Space-Time Diagrams from AX01 XBT Profiles

The diagrams below show the temporal and spatial distribution of temperature along AX01 at selected depths.

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*residuals are obtained by substracting the seasonal cycle