Shipboard Environmental (data) Aquisition System (SEAS)

SEAS system

SEAS is a real-time ship and environmental data acquisition and transmission system. The AMVER software creates a series of reports which describe point of departure, route and arrival and include ships in a real-time search and rescue database. The SEAS 2K software acquires atmospheric, oceanographic data and transmits the data real-time for addition to scientific and operational databases. SEAS 2K is employed on ships of the Ship Of Opportunity Program (SOOP) operating in all the worlds oceans, and on NOAA, UNOLS, Coast Guard Vessels. SEAS2K is developed and tested by NOAA/AOML, SCRIPPS Institutution, the U.S. Weather Service and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

SEAS data flow

SEAS XBT data is transmitted real-time via Standard-C to Silver Spring. It goes though extensive quality control before being distributed to the GTS for scientific and operational uses.

The table shows the number of XBT drops successfully, routed on to GTS, world wide. The SEAS 2K XBT Program accounts for more than half of all XBT drops world wide.

YearSeas XBT Obs to GTSAll XBT Obs in GTS

SEAS 2K continues to evolve new functionality. Future programs include: interfacing with the Scientific Computing System on the NOAA fleet and UNOLS vessels; acquiring data from ocean chemistry sensors; and alternate forms of satellite transmission for all real-time data. top