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FTP address to upload ship data

Table of XBT transects implementation

Table of XBT transects implementation


Full-page SOOP brochure
Updated 01/2014

Contact: Dr. Gustavo Goni

Recent Conferences and Workshops

Operations Meeting

April 24, 2014. Miami, FL


2008 NOAA XBT Fall Rate Workshop
Miami, March 10-12, 2008 Go

User Manuals

AOML XBT transect Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

Author: Zach Barton
Updated 03/2017

AMVERSEAS Installation Guide

Author: Caridad Ibis Gonzalez and Janet Roseli
Updated 07/09/2010

AutoIMET Installation Manual

Author: Paula Rychtar
Updated 06/2010

M/V Explorer TSG Manual and Troubleshooting

Author: Derrick Snowden
Updated 06/2008

Sample High Density Cruise Plans (HD XBT transects project website)

Atlantic Ocean (AOML)

AX01 - Norway / Greenland:  PDF    DOC

AX02 - Iceland / Boston:  PDF    DOC

AX07 - Florida Straits / Gibraltar:  PDF    DOC

AX08 - New York / Cape Town:  PDF   DOC

AX10 - New York / San Juan:  PDF   DOC

AX18 - Cape Town / Buenos Aires:  PDF   DOC

AX20 - France / French Guiana:  PDF   DOC

AX25 - Antarctica / Cape Town:  PDF   DOC

AX97 - Rio de Janeiro / Trindade:  PDF   DOC

MX01 - Turkey / Italy:  PDF   DOC

MX02 - Italy / Spain:  PDF   DOC

MX04 - Italy / Italy:  PDF   DOC

High Density Ship Rider Checkout Sheet:  PDF   DOC

Contact: Robert Roddy


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