Upcoming SAMOC cruises

Here is a list of planned SAMOC cruises for 2017-2018. Please contact the Chief Scientists for questions about their upcoming cruises. When appropriate, information about training opportunities will be posted.


  • Dates: February-March 2018
    Vessel: RV Meteor (Germany)
    Work area: 23W section, 5S and 11S sections (Western Boundary South Atlantic)
    Ports: Mindelo, Cape Verde to Recife, Brazil
    Planned Activities: 8 mooring recoveries, 6 deployments, CTD stations
    Contacts: Chief Scientist - Peter Brandt (Germany)
    Training Opportunities: Unfortunately the cruise is completely full
  • Dates: February-April 2018
    Vessel: James Cook Cruise 159
    Ports: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Cape Town, South Africa
    Planned Activities: Full GO-SHIP section at 24S; 100-150 CTDO stations; 24 level bottle sampling; LADCP; Underway measurements, 4 x Deep Argo floats; 2 x Oxygen Argo floats;
    Contacts: Chief Scientist - Brian King (UK)
    Training Opportunities: Contact Brian King,, to inquire.
  • Dates: March-May 2018
    Vessel: Alpha-Crucis (Brazil)
    Work area: Western end of "SAMBA" line on 34.5S
    Ports: Santos, Brazil to Santos, Brazil
    Planned Activities: Recover/redeploy 2 NOAA PIES and 2 Brazil CPIES; Telemeter 2 NOAA PIES; approximately 15-20 CTD profile
    Contacts: Chief Scientists - Edmo Campos and Olga Sato (Brazil)
    Training Opportunities: Please contact Edmo Campos and Olga Sato to inquire
  • Dates: September-October 2018
    Vessel: ARA Austral or Puerto Deseado (Argentina)
    Work area: Western end of "SAMBA" line on 34.5S
    Ports: Mar del Plata, Argentina to Mar del Plata, Argentina
    Planned Activities: Telemeter 4 NOAA PIES and 2 Brazil CPIES; approximately 15-20 CTD profiles
    Contacts: Chief Scientist - Alberto Piola (Argentina)
    Training Opportunities: Please contact Alberto Piola to inquire