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A Vision of the Future:
AOML's role in regional and coastal environmental research will expand in the coming years, both in regard to basic research and integrated operational monitoring/modeling. There is no question that the problems coastal managers and planners face require information on processes at both shorter and smaller time and space scales than previously studied but over longer periods than previously available. In our view, progress requires time series Eulerian data sets which are best and most cost-effectively obtained from fixed platforms and buoys nested within remotely sensed wider fields. Process work is still essential but will in the future no longer be exploratory in nature but rather limited and carefully targeted at elucidating ambiguity in these time series data. Recent advances have been made and will continue to be made both in regard to in-situ sensor technology, e.g., in regard to continuously measuring and recording the dissolved and marine boundary layer concentration of significant chemical species like ammonia and adapting and integrating commercially available sensors into instrument packages tailored to our questions of interest. Real-time data assimilation and creative analysis are now possible and will become practical due to advances in both computer hardware and software. All of these information sources will have to be integrated into end-to-end information systems to deliver the products relevant to our future.


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