Projecting the Risk of Future Climate Regime Shifts

Development phase

As probability projections are developed they will be made available to our water management collaborators for evaluation and feedback regarding their usefulness. Figure 4 is an example of the kind of decision support tools that can be developed in this way. Our collaborators, in the meantime, will be working to determine the relationships between the past climate regimes and the variables used at the water districts in making management decisions, such as basin streamflows and reservoir inflows (at the Tampa-based SWFWMD) and groundwater response (SJRWMD in north-central Florida). We will also be looking to find paleoclimate indices (reconstructions) tied more closely to the Florida hydrological factors directly affecting water management. The two best hopes for doing this are tree-ring work being done at the University of Arkansas on Florida baldcypress (Stahle) and research at the University of South Florida (Tampa) on Florida calcitic cave deposits, with potential reconstructions of 2,000 years or more (Beynen).