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Performance evaluation of canine-associated Bacterioidales assays in a multi-laboratory comparison study. A. Schriewer, C.D. Sinigallinao, K.D. Goodwin, A. Cox, D. Wanless, J. Bartkowiak, D.L. Ebentier, K.T. Hanley, J. Ervin, L.A. Deering, O.C. Shanks, L.A. Peed, W.G. Meijer, J. Griffith, J. Santo Domingo, J.A. Jay, P.A. Holden, and S. Wuertz. Water Research, submitted (2013).

Performance of Human Fecal Anaerobe-Associated PCR-Based Assays in a Multi-Laboratory Method Evaluation Study. B.A. Layton, Y. Cao, D.L. Ebentier, K. Hanley L.C. Van De Werfhorst, D. Wang, T. Madi, R. Whitman, M. Byappanahalli, E. Ballesté, W.G. Meijer, A. Schriewer, S. Wuertz, R. Converse, R. Noble, S. Srinivasan, J.B. Rose, C.S. Lee, J. Lee, J. Gentry-Shields, J. Stewart, G.H. Reischer, A.H. Farnleitner, M.L. Gidley, C.D. Sinigalliano, J. Brandão, R. Rodrigues, S. Lozach, M. Gourmelon, L. Peed, J.A. Jay, P.A. Holden, A.B. Boehm; O.C. Shanks; J.F. Griffith. Water Research, in press (2013).

Microbial source tracking: State of the science and future directions. J. Stewart,J., A.B. Boehm, E.A. Dubinsky, T.-T. Fong, K.D. Goodwin, J.F. Griffith, K. Vijayavel, R.T. Noble, O.C. Shanks, and S.B. Weisberg. Water Research, in press (2013).

Multi-Laboratory Evaluations of the Performance of Catellicoccus marimammalium PCR Assays Developed to Target Gull Fecal Sources. C.D. Sinigalliano, J. Ervin, L.C. Van de Werfhorst, D. Wang, D. Wanless, J. Bartkowiak, B. Layton, M. Raith, A.B.B. Schriewer, C. Lee, K. D. Goodwin, J. Lee, A.B. Boehm, R. Noble, P.A. Holden, J. A. Jay, S. Wuertz, M. Byappanhalli, R. Whitman, M.J. Sadowsky, W. G. Meijer, E. Balleste, M. Gourmelon, J.F. Griffith, H. Ryu, and J.W. Santo Domingo. Water Research, in press (2013).

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New USEPA Water Quality Criteria by 2012: Gulf of Mexico Alliance concerns and recommendations. J. Gooch-Moore, K.D. Goodwin, C. Dorsey, R.D. Ellender, J.B. Mott, M. Ornelas, C. Sinigalliano, B. Vincent, D. Whiting. S.H. Wolfe Journal of Water and Health, 9(4), 718-733, (2011).

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