AOML's research programs are carried out within three science divisions: Hurricane Research; Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems; and Physical Oceanography. The Office of the Director, lead by Dr. Robert Atlas, oversees the Laboratory's scientific programs, as well as its administrative, financial, computer, outreach/education, and facility management services.

Office of the Director

  • Dr. Gary Matlock, Acting AOML Director

  • Dr. Molly Baringer, AOML Deputy Director

  • LCDR Andrew Colegrove, AOML Associate Director for Fleet, Facilities, and Safety

  • Robert Kohler, Computer Network and Services

  • Dalynne Julmiste, Administrative Officer

  • Erica Rule, Communications and Outreach


Science Division Directors

  • Dr. Gustavo Goni, Physical Oceanography Division
  • Dr. James Hendee, Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division
  • Dr. Frank Marks, Hurricane Research Division


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