AOML's Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division



  • GOSHIP Repeat Hydrography/CO2 Inventories. Rik Wanninkhof, Jia-Zhong Zhang, Molly Baringer,
    Chris Langdon.
  • Quantifying sea-air CO2 fluxes using surface water CO2 measurements from ships of opportunity. Rik Wanninkhof, Denis Pierrot.
  • Oceanic, Coastal and Estuarine Ocean Acidification Observing Networks: North Atlantic Ocean, East and Gulf Coast. Rik Wanninkhof, Leticia Barbero


  • Coral Sclerochronology. Kevin Helmle.
  • Integrated Coral Observing Network. Jim Hendee, Lew Gramer, Mike Jankulak
  • The Coral Reef Early Warning System. Jim Hendee, Michael Shoemaker, Michael Jankulak, Lew Gramer, Rachel Kotkowski
  • National Coral Reef Monitoring Plan and OA Program. Derek Manzello, Ian Enochs, Renee Carlton
  • Global Modeling and Coral Bleaching. Ruben van Hooidonk


  • Ecosystem Restoration, Assessment, and Modeling (ERAM). Christopher Kelble, Geoffrey Cook,
    Kelly Kearney, Lindsey Visser, Lloyd Moore
  • Gulf of Mexico Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (GoM-IEA): Christopher Kelble, Geoffrey Cook
  • Juvenile Sportfish Research in Florida Bay. Christopher Kelble, Lindsey Visser, Betty Huss,
    Kelly Kearney
  • Integrated Models for Evaluating Climate Change, Population Growth, and Water Management Effects on South Florida Coastal Marine and Estuarine Ecosystems (iMODEC). Christopher Kelble, Kelly Kearney
  • Marine and Estuarine Goal Setting for South Florida (MARES): A Testbed for Science-to-Ecosystem Based Management. Christopher Kelble, Pamela Fletcher, Geoffrey Cook, Thomas Carsey, Jack Stamates
  • The South Florida Project (SFP). Christopher Kelble, Lindsey Visser, Grant Rawson, Nelson Melo,
    Lloyd Moore, Rachel Kotkowski, Libby Johns, Ryan Smith
  • Providing Real-Time Information for Marine Ecosystem Decision Support (PRIME-DS).
    Pamela Fletcher, James C. Hendee


  • The Florida Area Coastal Environment (FACE) program. Thomas Carsey, Jack Stamates
  • The Biscayne Bay Turbidity Study. Jack Stamates
  • South Florida Inlets as Land-Based Sources of Pollution. Jack Stamates, Thomas Carsey
  • Development of an Autonomous Ammonium Fluorescence Sensor (AAFS) with a View Toward
    In-situ Application.
    Peter Ortner (UM/RSMAS), Jia-Zhong Zhang, Natchanon Amornthammarong,
    Jack Stamates, Michael Shoemaker.


  • Development, Testing, and Validation of Molecular Microbial Source Tracking Tools and Biosensors. Christopher Sinigalliano, Maribeth Gidley, Kelly Goodwin
  • Microbiological Studies of Beach and Ocean Water Quality to Support Coral Reef and Coastal Ecosystem Health. Christopher Sinigalliano, Maribeth Gidley, Kelly Goodwin
  • Microbiological Studies on Oceans and Human Health Interactions. Christopher Sinigalliano,
    Maribeth Gidley, Kelly Goodwin
  • Microbial Diversity and Ecosystem Function of Marine Microbial Communities.
    Christopher Sinigalliano, Maribeth Gidley, Kelly Goodwin
  • Research Mentorship in Environmental Microbiology: Training the Next Generation Workforce in Environmental Science. Christopher Sinigalliano, Maribeth Gidley, Kelly Goodwin