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Aqua Reef Base

The Aquarius Reef Base is an undersea research laboratory facility within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary located in Key Largo, Florida. The focus of its mission includes science research, coral reef and ocean observing, undersea technology development, national training facility and ocean education outreach. This facility allows scientists to participate in one to two week missions conducting research, surveys and test equipment underwater. The undersea habitat is owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The program is operated out of Key Largo, Florida by University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW).
This bibliography is based on the work conducted in 2008 at Aquarius Reef Base.

Climate Change and Its Potential Impacts on Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Frequency

This bibliography is designed to serve as a guide to the scientific and academic literature currently available on the topic of climate change ("global warming") and its potential impacts on tropical cyclone / hurricane intensity and frequency. An extensive keyword search of several database and electronic journal providers covering the years 1984 - 2007 resulted in the bibliography listed below. New items related to this topic will be added to this extensible resource as additional research and literature are published.

Cuban Laboratory Publications

Derrotero De Las Costas De Cuba Region Maritima Del Norte Tomo 1 Instituto Cubano De Hidrografia 1989. Volume 1. Volume 1

Derrotero De Las Costas De Cuba Region Maritima Del Sur Tomo II Instituto Cubano De Hidrografia 1989. Volume 2. Volume 2

Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) Virtual Library

This bibliography is an initial draft of the most relevant scientific publications discussing expendable bathythermograph projects and technologies. The scope is international and some of the citations may refer to publications not available in the English language. Citations were taken from Aquatic Sciences Fisheries Abstracts.
This bibliography is based on publication dates 1971-2011

Grady Norton's Biography

"Grady Norton, senior hurricane forecaster in the U.S. Weather Bureau from 1953-54, had remarkable success in predicting hurricanes. His ability to analyze and interpret all available observations enabled him to make accurate forecasts of landfall up to 24 h in advance, in an era before objective track guidance and weather satellites. His explanations of hurricane advisories in simple terms earned him the respect and admiration of the media and public. "

Burpee, R.W. 1988. Grady Norton:Hurricane Forecaster and Communicator Extraordinaire. Weather and Forecasting, 3, 247-254

Norton Biography

Grady Norton Weather Bureau Office

Some Notes of Forecasting Jacksonville District

Notes on Forecasting

Harris B. Stewart Collection

Harris B. Stewart served as the first director of NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML). The NOAA Miami Regional Library received a donation of Stewart's personal library of conference papers, speeches, and peer-reviewed publications, and maintains these items in a special collection, the Harris B. Stewart Collection. These items are available for in-library reference use only.

Stewart's field diaries are currently being digitized and made freely available online to further knowledge of Harris B. Stewart and his scientific contributions, and to provide insight into the history and leadership of AOML on Virginia Key.

Persian Gulf Expedition 1948-1949

Bello MJ, Cantillo AY, editors. 2004. Harris B. Stewart, Jr.: Northern Holiday Expedition 1951. Miami (FL): NOAA Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. NOAA OAR AOML Special Publication 2004-001. [77 pp.]

New York Harbor and Winyah Bay 1958

Georges-New York Harbor-Boston-Brown Ledge 1958

Explorer Transfer 1960

Explorer Transfer II 1960: Panama - Key West

Explorer Transfer III 1960: Key West - Yucatan Strait - Norfolk

Indian Ocean Expedition 1964, Book 1

Indian Ocean Expedition 1964, Book 2

Bello, MJ, Cantillo, AY, Gray, J, editors. 2007. Harris B. Stewart, Jr.: SCOR/IAMAP Operations Aboard DISCOVERER, 1970. Miami (FL): Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. NOAA OAR AOML Special Publication 2007-001. [205 pp.]

Cuba Sessions 1972

Granada 1984

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