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Looking Back -

The attached letter is a personal look back at the U.S. Navy’s air craft support to the

National Hurricane Center and how they contributed to the nation’s hurricane warning system prior to 1974. 

The account provides insight into how the Navy conducted their weather reconnaissance flights.  

The essay was written by Frank Nelson, Lt. CMDR (retired) who flew many of these missions as a

pilot and aircraft commander.

John Pavone

Chief Ariel Reconnassaince Coordinator  

Hurricane Research Division - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
Re-Analysis Project -
August 16th,
1943 marked the very first time an aircraft reconnaissance mission
provided real-time information to the hurricane forecasters in
the Weather Bureau.  (This followed the curiosity tow flights by
Col. Duckworth into a Texas landfalling hurricane a month previously.)

This is from the unique microfilm archives in the NHC library,
which NHC interns, Sandy Delgado and Astryd Rodriguez, are using on nearly
a daily basis for
the reanalysis work.  
                                             Chris Landsea, Hurricane Specalist Feb.8,2013

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