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Gulf Stream Analysis
Archival Data  1976 - 1996 
              This data was generated by Dr. Stephen Baig, National Hurricane Center, Storm Surge Unit, Team Learder (retired). The data consists of charts of the Gulf Stream system, from the Yucatan Channel to the offing of Nova Scotia and were derived from GOES satellite imagery.  A new chart was prepared Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.  The position of the Gulf of Mexico loop current is given as coded points of latitude and longitude in reference to a specific part of the current such as "the coastward edge of the warmer water". Other data may include maximum flow in knots, presence of a meander, discernable gradients and eddie temperatures (from inrared temperature observations).
           When printed the charts are often intended to be pieced together to show a larger area of the current.  This product was used by parties involved in marine related activity from recreational boaters, professional fisherman, cruise ships, the Coast Guard, academia and others.  Selected portions of the sea surface thermal anaylsis were made available on NOAA radio.
              In general, increased access to data sets has been
an advancing trend in research for several years.  In addition, new technologies have enabled comparison and combinations between various data groups
expanding use of the research.

           Systems such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become a common tool allowing the user to tie various data to locations and display results in graphic form via interactive queries.

          The data are posted here for the general public and for the purpose of extending ongoing research in this region which may include, but is not limited to,  XBT temperature signals, investigation into the expansion and contraction of the North Atlantic subtropical gyre and impact of the Gulf Stream on coastal ecosystems.     
The NHC Library would like to acknowledge and thank  Dr. Hugh Willoughby, Florida InternationalUniversity (FIU), Earth and Environment professor and
Giselle Castano, FIU senior for their collaborative efforts in this digitization project.   (August, 2015)
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