List of abstracts from the dedicated issue of Estuaries Vol. 17, December 1994, no. 4

  1. Atwood, D.K., A. Bratkovich, M. Gallagher, and G.L. Hitchcock
  2. Wiseman, W.J., and F.J. Kelly
  3. Smith, S.M. and G.L. Hitchcock
  4. Eadie, B.J., B.A. McKee, M.B. Lansing, J.A. Robbins, S. Metz, and J.H. Trefry
  5. Lohrenz, S.E., G.L. Fahnenstiel, and D.G. Redalje
  6. Lopez-Veneroni, D., and L.A. Cifuentes
  7. Miller-Way, T., G.S. Boland, G.T. Rowe, and R.R. Twilley
  8. Gardner, W.S., R. Benner, G. Chin-Leo, J.B. Cotner, Jr., B.J. Eadie, J.F. Cavaletto, and M.B. Lansing
  9. Redalje, D.G., S.E. Lohrenz, and G.L. Fahnenstiel
  10. Trefry, J.H., S. Metz, T.A. Nelsen, R.P. Trocine, and B.J. Eadie
  11. Rabalais, N.N., W.J. Wiseman, Jr., and R.E. Turner
  12. Dortch, Q., N.N. Rabalais, R.E. Turner, and G.T. Rowe
  13. Nelsen, T.A., P. Blackwelder, T. Hood, B. McKee, N. Romer
  14. Bierman, V.J., Jr., S.C. Hinz, D.W. Zhu, W.J. Wiseman, Jr., N.N. Rabalais, and R.E. Turner
  15. Hendee, J.C.

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