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The Purpose of Copyright

The purpose of copyright is to protect the interests of the authors/creators, promote learning and creativity and prevent unlawful use of information.

The Purpose of this website

The purpose of this website is to provide authors and others with information regarding copyright as it applies to fair use, author's rights, limitation of copyright and open access. This web page also seeks to provide information resources on copyright print, and electronic resources, including audio, websites, images and other digital formats. This website is primarily intended for NOAA staff and its contracted employees.

This website is not a substitute for legal decisions regarding copyright policies

Copyright Policies

General Author's Rights

This is directed to authorship by federal employees, contractors, academic/individuals who contribute to electronic/print journals, images, websites, presentation slides, books, microfilm and other formats.

Author's Rights Mixed Authorship, Federal and Other

Copyright Polices for various Formats

Print Digital


Open Access Literature

Open access refers to accessible content available to anyone in the world with internet access. Open access allows users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, research, or link to full text articles, using them for any lawful purpose, with most financial and legal barriers to usage removed.

Consent to Open Access:

Creative Commons Licenses are designed to increase the amount of creativity (cultural, educational, and scientific content) in the "commons" - the body of work that is available to the public for free and legal sharing, use, repurposing and remixing.

Website Resources

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