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Recognizing that model predictions and local observations alone will not suffice to determine the probability of downstream pollutant exposures, OAR and NMFS, in cooperation with the academic community and the State of Florida, have initiated a coordinated field observation, satellite remote-sensing and modelling effort. Shortly after the landfall of RITA, AOML scientists led a NOAA survey of the northern Gulf of Mexico aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster. AOML, USF and UM oceanographers are using satellite remote-sensing data (altimetry, color and SST) and large scale hydrodynamic models to make preliminary assessments of the downstream trajectory, distribution and concentration of dissolved contaminants and toxics. September 22-24, the RV/Cape Hatteras deployed satellite-tracked open ocean SVP drifters from AOML's Global Drifter Center from the Dry Tortugas to the northern Gulf of Mexico and simultaneously surveyed currents and water quality along the track . The week of September 26, the FV/Patricia Jean deployed the first set of coastal satellite-tracked drifters along the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. Cruises in which AOML, NMFS and Florida DEP will participate will study the oceanography, provide satellite ground-truth data and analyze water quality in the Gulf of Mexico. Regional high resolution hydrodynamic models incorporating tracer simulations will be used to provide rigorous 5-7 day forecasts of downstream exposure over the three month period following the landfalls of Katrina and Rita. Essential to these efforts will be incorporation of water quality assessments being made in coastal Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas by the EPA, USGC, NOAA and regional collaborators.

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Most Recent Coastal Drifter Trajectories

Most Recent Velocity Estimates from Satellite Altimetry and Ocean Drifter Trajectories


Link to Archived Velocity Estimates from Satellite Altimetry

Most recent surface chlorophyll from MODIS image supplied by the University of South Florida's Institute for Marine Remote Sensing

Most recent SST from MODIS image suppied by the University of South Florida's Institute for Marine Remote Sensing

Most recent forecast of Sea Surface Height from 1/12th degree Atlantic HYCOM Model supplied by the Naval Research Laboratory

Oceanographic data from Hurricane Katrina Response Survey #1 - Nancy Foster - September 12-16, 2005

Oceanographic data obtained during Cape Hatteras Ocean Drifter Deployment - September 22-23, 2005

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