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Day 1 - Wednesday, October 2, 9:00- 12:30

Introduction and Welcome – Wanninkhof

A. System Description of current systems-

All participants will provide descriptions of current systems operating in their laboratories prior to the workshop.  System description of current systems will include issues such as standardization, estimates of precision, accuracy, response time of equilibrators, maintenance requirements.

This agenda item will focus on the commonality of the systems plus highlight some of the more novel ideas.

A1. Outline of generic components of current systems and operating principles (moderator, Wanninkhof)

            A1a             Hardware- Wanninkhof
            A1b             Software- Castle
            A1c             Buoy based  systems- Friederich
            A1d             Data reporting and calculations-  Wanninkhof

A2. Equilibrator design and performance issues  (moderator, Sabine)
Participants will share their experiences with regards to response time, level of equilibration and inter-comparison of systems

            A2a            General overview of merits of different system
                                   designs (Sabine)
            A2b             Large Equilibrators– Cosca  (> 15 L volume)
            A2c             Small Equilibrators- Chipman (< 3 L volume)
            A2d             Liquicell Equilibrators- Friederich, Hiscock
            A2e             Disc Equilibrators- Sabine

A3. Performance of analyzers (moderator, Chipman)

            A3a            Performance of the different LI-CORs
            A3b            Use of standards Sullivan, Chipman
            A3c            Fitting of IR response curves Chipman
            A3d            Known problems, their effect on accuracy and
                                  precision and remedies

            A3e            Flushing of IR analyzers cells
            A3f            Temperature control of analyzers (McGillis)        

A4. Hardware and operation issues (moderator, Feely)

            A4a            Drying methods, Sabine
            A4b            Air line contamination- fact or fiction, Wanninkhof
            A4c            Solenoid valve artifacts, Chipman
            A4d            Failure and replacement frequency Cosca
            A4e            Temperature and pressure measurements, Neill

A5. Software instrument control and data acquisition

Wednesday, October 2, 12:30- 13:45 – Lunch RSMAS Cafeteria

Wednesday, October 2, 13:45- 17:30

B. Performance measures

This section will focus on the theoretical and practical underpinnings of communal system design

B1. System intercomparison studies (moderator, Millero)

             B1a            German intercomparison study, Mintrop
             B1b            Japanese intercomparison study, Wanninkhof?
             B1c            Ad hoc intercomparison by investigators, Castle

B2.  System Requirements (moderator, Feely)

             B2a            Required precision and unknowns (Feely)
             B2b            Temperature control, luxury or necessity
                                   (McGillis, Neill)
             B2c            What are known limitations, how can they be solved?
             B2d            What is current duration of complete unattended
                                   attendance, how can this be  increased?
             B2e            Gas Standards (Chipman, Cosca)
             B2f            Biofouling, how to deal with this (Friedrich)
             B2g            Water flow and drainage issues (Cosca)
             B2h            How to handle data (Cosca)

B3.  Installation on VOS where, how? (moderator, Wanninkhof)

Wednesday, October 2, 18:00-  Supper Bayside Hut(?)

Day 2 - Thursday, October 3, 9:00- 12:30

C.  Concepts for the next generation of systems ( moderator Sweeney)
This part of the meeting will focus on the design concepts of the new systems.

C1. Hardware and cost estimates

             C1a            “low cost” autonomous system (Friedrich)
             C1b            Middle of the road, workhorse system (Wanninkhof)
             C1c            The system of the future (Feely, Meinig)
C2. Software
             C2a.            Black box system- Friedrich
             C2b.            Labview based system with expansion possibilities-
                                    Neill & Castle

C3.  Auxiliary measurements, which should be included?

C4. Telemetry: How & How much data (Meinig)

C5.  Data files and presentation- an uniform base reporting format.

Thursday, October 3,  12:30- 13:45 Lunch in RSMAS Cafeteria

Thursday, October 3,   13:45- 17:00

D. Follow-up international intercomparison exercises, and meetings (invitation of Dr. Nojiri) (Sabine)

E . Execution of implementation (focused on VOS operations)
The last part of the meeting will focus on options to build the systems.

            D1.            How many system need to be build in the next
            D2.            Do we produce detailed plans for group to build their
                                 own systems?
            D3.            Are there groups willing to build systems/parts of
            D4.            Are there contractors who will build systems/parts of
            D5.            Any commercial interests?

E. Formulation of recommendations, discussion of report format (setting up of production team? ) 

Meeting Logistics
The meeting will be held at NOAA/AOML on Wednesday October 2 and Thursday October  3.  The logistic coordinator will be Betty Huss (Betty.Huss@noaa.gov, 305-361-4395)

Confirmed attendees at this point are:

1.         Frank Millero, RSMAS
2.         Bill Hiscock, RSMAS
3.         Denis Pierot, RSMAS
4.         Chris Sabine, PMEL
5.         Richard Feely, PMEL
6.         Chris Meinig, PMEL
7.         Cathy Cosca, PMEL
8.         Colm Sweeney, Princeton U.
9.         Wade McGillis, WHOI
10.       David Chipman –offshore analytical
11.       Craig Neill- CCN consulting
12.       Gernot Friedrich, MBARI
13.       Rik Wanninkhof, AOML
14.       Bob Castle, AOML
15.       Kevin Sullivan, AOML
16.       Esa Peltola, AOML
17.       Nick Bates, BBSR
18.       Dan Sadler,  U. of Hawaii
19.       Ludger Mintrop, Warnemunde
20.       Geoff Morrison, Seakeepers Society
21.       Rod Zika, RSMAS





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