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August 2014

United States. Department of Commerce, creator. NOAA status and trends program mussel watch.
Duxbury, MA : Battelle New England Marine Research Laboratory, [1990]
Call Number: HD9472 .M83 U6 1990

July 2014

International Conference on Finite Elements in Water Resources (4th : 1982 : Hannover, Germany). Finite elements in water resources : proceedings of the 4th International Conference, Hannover, Germany, June 1982.
Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag ; Ashurst, Southampton, Hampshire : Computational Mechanics Centre, 1982.
Call Number: GB656.2.M34 I58 1982

Determination of dissolved nutrients in seawater : with high precision and inter-comparability using gas-segmented continuous flow analysers.
[Tokyo] : National Diet Library of Japan, 2012.
Call Number: GC118 .D48 2012

Schneider, G. Michael. Advanced programming and problem solving with PASCAL.
New York : Wiley, c1981.
Call Number: QA76.73.P2 S35 1981

Automatic differentiation of algorithms : theory, implementation, and application.
Philadelphia : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, c1991.
Call Number: QA304 .A8 1992

Computational solution of nonlinear systems of equations.
Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society, c1990.
Call Number: QA372 .C6374 1990

Numerical grid generation in computational fluid dynamics.
Swansea : Pineridge, 1986.
Call Number: QA911 .N82 1986

Center for Nonlinear Studies (Los Alamos National Laboratory). International Conference (11th : 1991). Experimental mathematics, computational issues in nonlinear science : proceedings of the Eleventh Annual International Conference of the Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA, 20-24 May 1991.
Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1992.
Call Number: QC1 .P3834 v.60 1992

OceanObs'09 ( 2009 : Venice). Proceedings of the OceanOBS'09 Conference : Ocean information for society : sustaining the benefits, realizing the potential, 21 - 25 September 2009, Venice Italy.
[Hamburg : European Space Agency, 2010].
Call Number: QC851 .O34 2009 v.3

Stewart, Harris B. creator. Background material for NRC review team Miami visit.
Miami, Florida U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, [1976]
Call Number: QC981 .U69 .S7 1976

June 2014

Edgerton, Catharine F. Visibility at sea : an annotated bibliography.
San Diego, Calif. : Scripps Institution of Oceanography Visibility Laboratory, 1974.
Call Number: GC1 .C28 no.74-21

Fischer, J. Operational oceanography : data requirements survey.
Empress Dock, Southampton : Southampton Oceanography Center , 1999.
Call Number: GC1 .F5 1999 no.12

Atlantic Ocean Climate Studies Panel. Session (5th : 1987 : Paris, France). Atlantic Ocean : report of the fifth session of the SCOR- IOC/CCCO Atlantic Ocean Climate Studies Panel, Unesco, Paris 22-24 June 1987.
Paris : Unesco,, 1987.
Call Number: GC7 .I53 1987 SCOR-IOC/CCCO

U.S. TOGA ocean observing system mid-life progress review and recommendations for continuation : workshop report, Kaimana Beach Hotel, Honolulu, 8-10 March 1989.
[Washington : National Academy of Sciences] ; Fort Lauderdale, Fla. : Printed by the Nova Univ. Press, [1989]
Call Number: GC10.4.R4 U547 1989

Marine ecosystems, emerging diseases as indicators of change : health of the oceans from Labrador to Venezuela.
Boston, Mass. (260 Longwood Avenue, Room 263, 02115) : The Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School, Oliver Wendell Holmes Society, [1998]
Call Number: GC28 .M3 1998

The global Ocean Observing System : a summary for policy makers.
[Paris, France] : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, c2009.
Call Number: GC38 .G57 2009

The integrated strategic design plan for the coastal ocean observations module of the Global Ocean Observing System.
[Paris : UNESCO, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, 2003]
Call Number: GC38 .I58 2003

AIAA Drift Buoy Symposium (1974 : Hampton, Va.). Free drifting buoys : AIAA Drift Buoy Symposium, Hampton, Va., May 22-23, 1974.
[Washington] : NASA ; Springfield, Va. : For sale by National Technical Information Service, 1976.
Call Number: GC41 .A15 1974

McPhaden, Michael J. Proceedings of a TOGA workshop on ocean thermal data management.
Boulder, Colo. : University Corp. for Atmospheric Research, 1985.
Call Number: GC177 .M36 1985

International Symposium on Assimilation of Observations in Meteorology and Oceanography (1990 : Clermont-Ferrand, France). International Symposium, Assimilation of Observations in Meteorology and Oceanography, Clermont- Ferrand (France), 9-13 July 1990.
[Geneva, Switzerland] : World Meteorological Organization, [1990]
Call Number: QC851 .I535 1990

WOCE Upper Ocean Thermal Data Assembly Centres Coordination Group. TOGA/ WOCE XBT/XCTD Programme Planning Commitee and WOCE Upper Ocean Thermal Data Assembly Centres Coordination Group : report of the third meeting (TWXXPPC-3) and report of the fifth meeting (UOT/DAC-5), RSMAS, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, USA 25-29 April 1994.
Wormley, England : WOCE International Project Office, 1994.
Call Number: QC857.R3 1994

Argo Science Team. On the design and implementation of Argo : an initial plan for a global array of profiling floats.
Melbourne, Vic. : GODAE International Project Office, 1998.
Call Number: QC875.2 .A7 1998

JCOMM Ship-of-Opportunity Programme Implementation Panel. JCOMM Ship-of- Opportunity Programme Implementation Panel third session, La Jolla, CA, USA, 28-31 March 2000.
[Geneva] : Secretariat of the World Meteorological Organization, 2000.
Call Number: QC993.83 .J66 no.3

The Global Ocean Observing System 1998 prospectus.
Paris, France : Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Unesco / c1998.
Call Number: QC994 .G55 1998

Pilot analysis of global ecosystems : coastal ecosystems.
Washington, DC : World Resources Institute, c2001.
Call Number: QH541.5.C65 P55 2001

Southeastern United States deep-sea corals (SEADESC) initiative : a collaboration to characterize areas of habitat forming deep-sea corals.
Silver Spring, Md. : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2007.
Call Number: QH541.5.D35 S68 2007

IRI-IPRC Pacific Climate-Fisheries Workshop (2001 : East-West Center). Climate and fisheries : interacting paradigms, scales, and policy approaches : the IRI-IPRC Pacific Climate-Fisheries Workshop, Honolulu, 14- 17 November 2001.
Palisades, N.Y., USA : International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI), c2002.
Call Number: SH214 .I74 2001

Design of an ocean temperature observing network in the seas north of Australia. Part 1, Tropical Pacific Ocean : statistics.
[Hobart] : CSIRO Marine Laboratories, 1989.
Call Number: SH317 .A27 no.204

Ocean thermal energy conversion : resource assessment and environmental impact for proposed Puerto Rico site : final report.
Mayaguez, P.R. : University of Puerto Rico, 1976.
Call Number: TK1073 .O33 1976

May 2014

Levy, Ellen. Moored current meter data from the Atlantic north equatorial counter current near 6 N 28 W (February-September, 1983) : vol. XXXIV.
Woods Hole, Mass. : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984.

Call Number: GC1 .W582 84-16

Levy, Ellen. Moored current meter data from the Atlantic north equatorial counter current near 6 N 28 W (September-March, 1984) : vol. XXXVI.
Woods Hole, Mass. : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984.
Call Number: GC239.2 .L48 1984

Richardson, Philip L. Surface drifter measurements in the Atlantic North Equatorial countercurrent 1983-1985.
Woods Hole, Mass. : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1985.
Call Number: GC271 .R52 1985

Weisberg, R. H. Surface moored current meter data from the Equatorial Atlantic : pre-SEQUAL, Jan. 1981-May 1981.
Raleigh, N.C. : Dept. of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University, 1982.
Call Number: GC481 .W4 1982

Federal plain language guidelines [electronic resource]. Rev.1, May 2011. [S.l.] :, 2011.
Call Number: PE1478 .P5 2011

Jordan, A., creator. An overview of hardware and software modifications to improve the Eppley SMT-3 solar trackers.
Boulder, Colo. : U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Ocean and Atmospheric Research, Global Monitoring Division, Earth System Research Laboratory [2012]
Call Number: QC911.82.U6 N63 no.17 2012

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