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"NOAA has a site license for EndNote Endnote Web and Reference Manager from ISI Researchsoft. All NOAA researchers and library staff are entitled to install all three software products and any updates on their desktop at no additional charge.    What Does This Mean to You as a NOAA Researcher? You can download the software and use it on your desktop. The contract also covers technical support and training classes at no additional charge.         Manuals can be purchased separately for $15 from ISI ResearchSoft. The manuals are also electronically available as part of your product installation     files at no charge."
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"Thomson Scientific  offers free, web-based training classes to help you get the best results from their products. The training is provided using the online conferencing tool WebEx. To attend a live class all you need is a computer with Internet access and a phone."      
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The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer:  The Effect of Open Access on Cites to Science Journals Across the Quality Spectrum 
by Chris Snyder and Mark McCabe,  available on SSRN   Abstract:  "An open-access journal allows free online access to its articles, obtaining revenue from fees charged to submitting authors. Using panel data on science journals, we are able to circumvent some problems plaguing previous studies of the impact of open access on citations. We find that moving from paid to open access increases cites by 8% on average in our sample, but the effect varies across the quality of content. Open access increases cites to the best content (top-ranked journals or articles in upper quintiles of citations within a volume) but reduces cites to lower-quality content. We construct a model to explain these findings in which being placed on a broad open-access platform can increase the competition among articles for readers’ attention. We can find structural parameters allowing the model to fit the quintile results quite closely."

To cite or Not to Cite: Researchers to credit data sets in their publications and how do you track those citations?
Gloria Hicks, National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, CO.

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