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Pictorial History

View of AOML from across the mangrove pond (1971). View is towards the north. Rickenbacker Cswy. Is to the right.

Contributions by:

George A. Berberian (NOAA/OAR/AOML), Adriana Y. Cantillo (NOAA/OAR/AOML and NOAA/NOS/EDO and NCCOS), Harris B. Stewart (NOAA/OAR/AOML), Linda Pikula (NOAA/OAR/NCRL), Ashley Jefferson (NOAA/OAR/NCRL), the NOAA Miami Regional Library Archives at AOML, and Gladys Medina (NOAA/OAR/AOML)

Special thanks to Dodie Stewart for the use of family photo albums.

Harris. B. Stewart (AOML's first director)

ESSA Institute for Oceanography

ESSA Facility in Miami

Ground Breaking

AOML Construction

Interior of AOML (1972)

Moving to AOML

Flagpole and Cannons

AOML Dedication - February 9, 1973

Interior of AOML (mid 1970s)

NOAA Southeast Marine Support Facility

NOAA/NOS/Equipment Development Laboratory

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