NOAA Miami Regional Library at AOML

A Branch of the NOAA Central Library

Interior of AOML (mid 1970s)


Aerial image of AOML (1970s). The main entrance is seen to the right leading to the first floor. No offices or equipment were located on the ground level in the event of storm surge flooding. Laboratories were located in the second and third floors. The recreation/lunch room was on the fifth floor and the director’s office was on the fifth floor. Access to the staging area was via the ramp located to the left.


Façade of AOML (mid 1970s). The Director’s Office was in the corner of the fifth floor (right hand corner of the top floor). Below was the lunch room and the two floors with the four laboratories.


AOML as seen from the Rickenbacker Causeway (1970s). The two wings of the building are clearly seen.


The entrance below the main stairs across the mangrove lagoon (mid 1970s).



The entrance below the main stairs across the mangrove lagoon (mid 1970s). The elevator was aligned with the walkway


Plexiglass sculpture in the center of the lobby of AOML (mid 1970s). The wooden ship sign of the NOAA ship DISCOVERER was on the wall next to the elevator.


Looking down the center lobby/atrium towards the Plexiglass sculpture (mid 1970s). The NOAA ship DISCOVERER sign is on the wall next to the elevator.


The south side of the second floor elevator (mid 1970s). The NOAA ship RESEARCHER painting by A. Y. Cantillo hangs to the left of the elevator.


The recreation/lunch room on the fourth floor (mid 1970s). View is towards the city of Miami. The stairs are opposite the windows across the atrium/lobby.


The library and its characteristic spiral stairs (mid 1970s). The wooden card catalog is beyond the stairs.



Adriana Y. Cantillo (AOML/Ocean Chemistry) next to the Perkin Elmer atomic absorption spectrometer in one of the chemistry labs in the second floor (May 1976).


George A. Berberian (AOML/Ocean Chemistry) and the Tecnicon Nutrient Auto Analyzer for the determination of nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and silicate in seawater in one of the chemistry labs in the second floor (1981).


The IBM main frame computer in the climate-controlled computer room in the third floor (1970s)..



Adriana Y. Cantillo (AOML/Ocean Chemistry) in the staging area of the first floor of AOML (1976). This area was at the end of the truck ramp in front of the building. The wooden boxes were used to transport equipment and supplies to NOAA ships at the Port of Miami or to the airport for air transport to other locations such as New York.

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