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AOML Dedication - February 9, 1973


Harris B. Stwart during the dedication of AOML (February 9, 1973).


View from the terrace over the main stairs during the dedication of AOML (February 9, 1973).

The AOML dedication took place on February 9, 1973, 28 months after the ground breaking ceremony on October 10, 1970. The dedication took place on the terrace over the main staircase leading to the building. Among the dignitaries present on the terrace were Robert White (NOAA Director), Henry King Stanford (UM President), Rev. John Huffman and Jack Kofoed (NOAA.AOML).
Walton Smith, Vince McElvey, [JACK] Kofoed [AOML], Townsend, Stew, John Hussey, VADM Beheras, Chuck Hull and Otho B. Bruce. (Not shown: John Huffman, J. Townsend, J. Hussey, : V. Mc Elvey, E. Grafton, and W. Hess.)

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