Environmental Data Server
Frequently Asked Questions

Frecuently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I see the GUI interface on my machine?


    To retrieve the data, Java Applets are used to generate Graphics User Interface (GUI). The GUI uses Java AWT/Swing. If you can not see the GUI, it is probably because Java Plug-in software has not been installed in your computer.

2. What is Java Plug-in ?


   Java Plug-in software enables enterprise customers to direct applets or JavaBeansTM on their intranet web pages to run using Sun's Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (JRE) instead of the web browser's default virtual machine. Java Plug-in technology is part of the current version(1.4.2) of the Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition. Sun's JRE provides a Java CompatibleTM environment for today's widely adopted web browsers. That means consistency and reliability when running applets.

3. How do I get Java Plug-in ?


     The easiest way is to use Netscape version 7 or higher. When installing Netscape 7, in the middle of the installation process, it will ask whether the user wants to install Java2 runtime or not, make sure to choose Yes.  This will make sure Java plugin is installed.

     Another way is to download Java Plug-in only.

4. What is the website to download Netscape 7 ?


   You can download Netscape 7 here.

5. What is the website to download Internet Explorer 6 ?


    You can download Internet Explorer 6 here. If you use Internet Explorer 6, you will need to install Java Plug-in software/Java Runtime.

6. I only want to download Java Plug-in software, where can I get it ?


    Sun company makes it easy for you by including Java Plug-in software into (Java Runtime Environment) JRE 1.4.2 Solaris/Linux/Microsoft Windows Production Release. This allows deployment of applets to web browsers that take full advantage of the latest capabilities and features of the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.4.2 (Java 2 SDKTM).

    The website to download JRE1.4.2 for Solaris/Linux/Windows operating system is here. Be sure to choose the software under JRE category.

7. How to test if I have installed it successfully ?


   You can try to open  the following pages to see if you can see the Java Swing Applets. If you can, you succeed, if not, you did not install it properly.