A Regional Perspective: the Agulhas Current System

The Agulhas current is a Western Boundary Current that retroflects and joins the Atlantic Circumpolar Current (ACC). It has a very significant role in transferring heat into the Atlantic Ocean, as a branch of the Conveyor Belt return flow. It meets the cold Benguela Current off the Cape of Good Hope. References: Agulhas Ecosystem, Benguela Ecosystem

This page shows some basic features of the region:

Etop05 Bathymetry Levitus Dynamic Height OCCAM Dynamic Height
South-Africa Bathymetry Levitus 100m Dynamic Height OCCAM dynamic Height
South Atlantic SST from AVHRR: Jul 5th-9th,2003 TMI SST: Jul 9th, 2003
Infrared satellite observations are strongly affected by clouds. But the atmosphere is largely transfarent to MW microwaves. Differences are clear on the graphics above. The map on the left shows a 5-day composite (Jul 5th-9th, 2003) of sea surface temperatures over the South Atlantic Basin. There are areas where the cloud cover blocks the infrared radiation emitted by the underlying sea surface. This issue is mostly solved in MW imagery, as shows the figure on the right.
CTD&Argo Jan-Jul 2003 Drifter Buoys Jan-Jul 2003 XBT profiles Jan-Jul 2003
CTD&Argo Drifters XBT
QuikSCAT descending pass Jul 31st, 2003 SSMI GMT:12h-24h Jul 31st, 2003 Current field & Drifter Paths Jul 29th, 2003
QuikSCAT SSM/I Geostrophic Currents
  Monthly Mean Depth of the 20C Isotherm  
Monthly D20
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